What's happening today - 2018 edition


I noticed no frost this morning in Kentucky. And large bunch of sweet potato plants between sidewalk and city street in Berea Kentucky have no damage at all this afternoon in that town. They are quite sensitive to frost.


Yesterday I found my green beans frostbit but all the tender flowering plants are still going, despite being covered with frost at sunrise.

And the last of the tomatoes is now gone


Another round of passion fruit flowers popping up this week, so had to grab a q-tip to pollinate the flowers. My local pollinators do not do a good job with the passion fruit for some reason and the take is really low if I do not help out. About a month ago the vine was going crazy, one day I had almost 3 dozen flowers! The day after 20 more! Not all took of course, but the vine is super heavy with fruit and now the waiting begins again.


Is Spark’s a stingy producer and that’s why the size is large? I want this variety but not if it’s stingier than average.


Sparks is known for very low productivity. There are many white cots which are both stingy and small, but Sparks is stingy and large :grin:


My sasanquas always make me smile.


Waiting for a Nor’easter!


Might be the same system that went through here last night. Fast moving. Moderate winds and dropped just less than 2" rain.


might be our 1st . major snowfall here. depends how warm it gets w/ that system. just south of me got 6in. 2 days ago. cars in the ditch everywhere.


It is blowing here! Heavy rain last night and this am. Hopefully leaving soon!


This was fun.

Grafted loquat.


It was balmy under the row cover today, I picked about 20# of figs from 15 2 y.o. MBVS trees, they are still pretty good. It looks like deer started eating the figs that are not covered, there are no acorns for them this year.


Five days ago I finished the moose fence around the new orchard so I could start transplanting trees from pots. Two days ago it snowed about a foot. Still have about a hundred trees or so to plant. I’ve never rototilled in the snow before. Normally the ground would be frozen by now, but this has been a warm fall here.


My chrysanthemums that survived from new year inside are still going strong. Their petals look like the sun shining down on them on this nice fall day. I might dig them up and overwinter them inside since they are so nice.


Hopefully they will survive on the west facing windows.


The leaves are down now, and we’re picking them up with the mulching mower to till into the vegetable garden - if it ever dries out


Planted 5 Apple Trees I picked up from Century Farm Orchards in NC.

Keener Seedling
Old Fashioned Limbertwig
Mary Reid
Yellow June

All on M111 roostock.


I do that too, but my last of the leaves came down on the snow! A lot of them held on longer because they changed color so late. I make separate piles each year just over the hill on my back corner. The pile that’s three years old goes through my shredder and comes out looking like black dirt. I use it with manure in my pots and in the garden.


The snow is finally dissipating off the leaves left on our lot - hoping to get them picked up this week


We just got three more inches! I am always hoping to get the last of the leaves, but if I don’t I can just mow them when I cut grass in the spring.