What's happening today - 2018 edition


Just adorable! Nothing like baby animals! We used to have goats and sheep . . . but not anymore. Now - just pups!


EIGHT POUNDS!?!?! (OH! Grams!) I hate those mini-fruits, too. Just not worth the effort. :yum:
I bought a ‘flat’ of poms from Costco, when they were in stock. (And one at Sam’s) My poms were so tasty this year, that there was absolutely no comparing the two!


Mega Snow in Southeastern Virginia
Here are some shots that I took during our Winter Wonderland. Temps down to 11 and holding. Snowfall of about 8-9" - drifts to a foot. This kind of weather pretty much shuts down everything for a couple of days . . . just not really equipped to deal with it, because it happens so infrequently.
Sure was beautiful, tho!


Very nice!


May be a stupid question . . . but, Matt, how do you get the spaces and comments between your photos? I tried and got some ‘markup language’ instead. ? I went into edit - then I put my cursor after a photo and holding down ‘shift’, hit my space bar. Do you do something different?
I should add - I am on a Mac.



I dunno. Wish I could help.

I usually access the site from my iPhone with which the site is fairly user friendly.


Yeah I can’t wait to say that, a little harder here but possible.
Any favorite cultivars? Right now I have cold hardy types, but thinking of adding others as i can protect them. I have a few favs I want to get.


It is very simple. When you want to do it next time upload ONE photo first. Look closely how it is appearing in your left pane, note the point where it ends. Now, upload bunch of photos. They will appear in similar patterns in the left pane. Now place your cursor after the first uploaded photo and hit enter. This will create space between photos. Click enter again - it will add one more empty line. Now start typing - you will get comments between first and second pictures. Now find the end of the second uploaded photo. Repeat. Hope it helps.
This is how three photo uploaded at once look like in left pane(it is actually picture of my screen)

and here how they should look like.


Here is a picture of my puppy chewing on a blackberry cane I pruned today.


First Tropic Snow Peach flower and Spicezee Nectaplum flower.

Not fruit, but my bougainvillea is going off!! Amazing what a little rain will do.


I want the puppy!


@Phill_Boise_7a, is that a border collie? A really cute pup!


Still cold, but we are enjoying a different type of fruit, the fruits of our labour.:slightly_smiling_face:




Today DH and I brought home 28 bags load of horse manure. A little late in a season, but better then never. I have a steady flow of this from a lady keeping two horses, and she doesn’t use bedding. So it is pure black gold. Went to composting pocket today. Will be ready later in fall .


Cackleberries LOL


Cute pup!


What beauties! I’ve never seen the dark maroon color. We had Auracana chickens - but only got the pastel colored eggs.


It seems that my favorite plant is a ‘Mystery Variety’, because I ordered a Grenada . . . but it doesn’t appear to be that, in all honesty. I have a ‘Wonderful’ and the mystery one . . . and one other that is coming along slowly. I list all the varieties I received from nurseries this fall - and they are wintering over in our garage. The temps here have been cruelly low - into the teens and holding. We usually don’t get very harsh winters - so I hope my poms are hanging’in’there. I’ll copy and paste the variety list below.
These are the ones I am planting this spring. All were recommended for Zone 7A-B. So, we’ll see!

Golden Globe
Bala Miursal
Hotuni Zigar
Purple Heart


Blue eggs I want those too!