What's happening today - 2018 edition


I think that was @Klondike_Mike. I have a Mericrest on lovell that is my earliest blooming nectarine or peach. Tree has done very well and is vigorous. Fruit is very good too. This is a pic of mercriest blossoms I took last week.


I do that with the clods of sod, too - that’s organic matter for the roots


Oops! Sorry bout that. Beautiful picture of your Mericrest, Phill.


welcome! here in n maine we have lots of black capped chickadees. they’re the state bird. i have lots of them that live in my stand of big spruces. i see them foraging in my berry bushes all summer. they are very social. i have a chair under the spruces and if i sit still for a few minutes they come down the canopy to check me out.


Yeah, they’re quite curious birds that aren’t too afraid of humans, ( or they’re simply aware we’re too clumsy and slow to catch them).

This is the female perched on my grape vines this morning with some fluff in her beak. The bird house is just to my right about 6 feet away.


There is a park in the area where they have learned to take sunflower seed from visitors hands. Need to stand still and hold out your hand with the seeds.


3 or so weeks ago we drastically cut back a big fig tree that had freeze damage and just general fatigue. The branches we cut are piled behind it and typical of some of our last minute decisions the pile of branches are still there today.

So, now, there are several branches on the bottom that are growing little fig trees.

I could have a fig forest!



I think I spotted a little white ‘rootlet’ through the clear plastic cup . . . of one of my Grenada Pomegranate cuttings I am trying to propagate! YES! My first ‘baby’! So excited.


Everyone wish me luck, tomorrow I will be taking a day off from work to perform my first grafts. My wife said she will keep the kids occupied so I can have my full attention turned toward the orchard. I’ve been reading up about it on this great forum and watching several videos and I’m rearing to go!
I also plan on transplanting seedlings and putting the mason bees out.

Go spring.


Good luck! How many grafts are you doing that will warrant an entire day off work?


Ten. Ten grafts should take me most of my day. I will stare and contemplate for a long time, then graft, then need several hours to worry about if I did it right.


And then there’s that trip to the emergency room for stitches you have to allow for. . .


Its at least a one day job. Thursday looks nice and sunny, so I may need that day off to inspect my grafts and heal my lacerations.


What kind of fruit tree will you graft?

When I started grafting, I spent so many minutes staring at the tree, picking which branches I should graft on, walking around the tree many times, my neighbors thought (and still think) I was weird…


I will be doing two plums, one pear, two Asian pears, and five apples.

I do the same thing, circle the tree and stare like I’m in a museum.


Yes, spring is in sight at last. Good luck grafting! I’m going to start in about a week.
Just putzing today moving things out, planting plants etc.


GAll should be in an “easy” category. You are in a warmer zone. This may be the time when buds are pushing and you start to see green on those buds, Some people graft sooner. You are new. No need to rush.

Watch your fingers. Knife is sharp. I use Rayrose method. Wrap band aids on my fingers before grafting. I can’t wear glove, not comfortable.


I’m going to do some of my grafts on Thursday. My trees are showing green, finally! Over the weekend I bought my cool weather veggies, so I have to get those in the ground too.
I wish I could get an entire day for garden chores. I’ll probably get the time between 6:30pm to sundown for all that. Even then my kids will want to help out. My daughter who is almost 6 but very mature for her age actually helps out getting the plants in ground. I made the mistake of showing her how to do the “scratch test” to see if trees are alive. She’s been going around scratching my tees lately. Other than that she’s good in the garden. My son who is not 4 yet is a different story.
Grafting I can’t do when they are around so even if Thursday is my day off, I’ll still have to wait till daddy gets home to go out and graft. Can’t wait!


Don’t feel bad. I circle and stare at all my trees and that’s without grafting, lol! Wait till your all done grafting you’ll be out there every night when you get home just checking on them. Then when they take it’s a great joy of creation!


I’ve got tomorrow and Thurs for the garden before the rain comes Fri - if it’s not too muddy

Grafting will have to wait til next month