What's happening today - 2018 edition


Looks like a couple grafts there too? How is Beauty?


Was the fruit ripe enough?How was the taste?Mine are still firm and may take 2-3 weeks. Brady


I got ten of them so I am starting to pick one every 5 days and see what is the best time to pick for next year. It is somewhat firm and mildly sweet with a hint of cherry. Hopefully the next one will be sweeter.



Yes,that’s on a Flavor Supreme Pluot tree with Beauty dominating more than twenty other varieties,so some were grafted to that one.
I liked Beauty’s flavor more the second year than the first.Sweet,very juicy with some tartness in the skin and pit area. Brady


Girardi mulberry is a very good tasting and productive tree with a long harvest season. A very good tree to have. Other veggies are also ripened.



Moorpark — the best of European apricot varieties for fresh eating. I’m eagerly looking forward to the Moorpark ripening season every year. Moorpark is not the most consistent producer, but this year my tree has a bumper crop.


caught this many Japanese Beatles todayIMG_20180703_195408994_HDR


OMG! I would call that a serious infestation…


You have many cot varieties Stan; which are your best five in terms of fresh eating quality?


In no particular order: White apricots (Afghanistan, Moniqui, Lasgerdi Mashhad — they all are pretty similar in taste for me), Moorpark, Spark’s Mammoth, Orangered, Anya. There are many more varieties that I didn’t taste yet or didn’t have enough sample to form an opinion, so results may change in the future.


And it’s just the beginning!

The ones here are proving unusually evasive


Oh,yeah.it just started.more to come


Still too early here for stone fruit. i can’t wait. In the meantime the Wyeberries are coming in. Not super productive, but great for syrup, and processing. I like to use syrup in smoothies, or maybe a martini. I store raw and add sugar depending on application. More productive than boysenberry, although not an extreme producer. Which is fine, I grow many others.
They turn a very bright red, the more it dulls, the riper it is. Still rather tart, but very rich flavor

They are very soft, so one must harvest at some point. The ones on the right are perfect.

Now for fresh eating I enjoy Tayberries. very sweet, delicious. Another Raspberry-blackberry hybrid, a rare one that is more raspberry like. Smaller. Both wyeberry and tayberry are fairly early ripeners. Not very productive. It’s too cold here. I think they even come out smaller here. All the same to die for, so I will be keeping them. I get some every year. If you need more, just make more plants!

All gardening s local, the conditions here, the strains of berries.all come into play. I have seen some say tayberries are tasteless, and I can’t say that at all. One of my favorite berries.


That would be awesome! Your chokecherry sounds really neat. I bet the color would be a pretty bonus mid-summer!!


in direct sun the purple color i think would be darker. ill dig a few sprouts and root them till i start to see some new growth then ill ship them to you.


I did it!

4th of July tomatoes and New Red Fire lettuce, picked on the same day


That reminds me of the night I caught 29 mice on six traps.


Flavor Delight is right at that frustrating point when it’s ripe-size and ripe-colored, but not yet ripe. The urge to pick is strong


I love the smell of rain in July!!!


Thanks so much moose71, this will be fun to see how they do here!