What's happening today - 2018 edition


Despite sprays, all my peaches have some scab this year. It usually is on the top 1/3 of the peach. In addition, these three peaches cracked during a heavy rain. They healed over without rotting, probably because of a previous Immunox spray. None of my peaches have scab on the bottom 2/3 of the peach. Not sure why, but I think this is normal. The tree was planted in 2014 and has fruited a bit each of the past 3 years. This year has been its most productive but Veteran, Madison and Contender (all planted the same year) produce more.


Is that spray burn on the skins? What is making those spots?


Ztom, my experience with Redhaven has been the same, sweet, acidic, and juicy. I want to find a better peach, but so far - no luck. It never disappoints. Early Redhaven is pretty close, just 10 days or so earlier. Pics below. (Down to my last two and waiting for Redhaven to ripen now).


Please take a sample. Please leave the rest for the next person.


I think it is peach scab, but I could be wrong. I’ve had captan burn before but it is usually on the bottom half of the peach where the spray settles. I’ve only sprayed with Immunox for the past month or so. I think I did daconil and Malathion in early spring. We had a lot of rain this spring and the spots showed up fairly early. The marks don’t go past the skin at all. The inside is clean. I’ve had lesser amounts of this in years past.


Big Horse Creek describes the flavor as “rosewater.” Accurate in your estimation?


Picked leeks, few giant size kohlrabi and a cucumber. Leeks and kohlrabi went directly into the freezer.


Picked these Long Island Cheese Pumpkins yesterday. I think the big one is not fully ripe but I couldn’t stop the varmints from eating them. I lost three of the ripe ones in two days, so I picked these to see what happens.

Last year I made these kind of pumpkins into pumpkin pie and a lot of people thought it was really good. I have to remember to start them later in the season next year. I would rather have these come Halloween than the beginning of August, but I think they will last a few months.


When did you start them?


Started indoors 5/1, transplanted out 5/8. Days to maturity are 105 so its close.


Ah, that’s early, then


Not sure what rosewater taste like. CB is sweet without alot of tartness. Apple has a good flavor with heavy flesh that is more dense than crunchy. I wonder if the early spring and hot summer did not give this apple a chance to reach its full flavor potential. Bet it tastes better in zones that allow Sept or Oct ripening window. Right know I’m picking Red Delicious that are a fall apple in most zones. They are pink instead of Red. I can detect the RD flavor but not near as strong as the traditional RD flavor.


Rosewater would indicate floral qualities.

When my Hunt Russet offered two sample fruits in '16, they tasted first of tangerine and then had a rose finish. Might be like that.


Today I made some dill pickles, and dilly beans. The beans were dark purple before canning, which I just realized, they are no longer. Also made some spiced pears and spiced Whitney crab apples, that I got from the farmers market. My dolgo tree is still a baby, but hopefully I’ll get to cook with them in the next few years!


Harvested some elderberry today and will make some syrup tomorrow…


Looks like it’s too late for thus bunch, but we have found it much easier to de-stem elderberries if you freeze them first. When frozen they come off their stems much easier then when fresh/thawed.


Last of the blueberries, destined for the freezer.

First picking of corn. Was not tasty.

Pulled the garlic.


Overwhelmed with cucumbers. First planting is still putting them out and the second is underway. By now, usually, the first one is dying off, but there are no cucumber beetles, so all the vines are going strong

What there are, for the first time, are BMSB nymphs, small numbers of them I find crawling on the vines. I hope they don’t spread disease.


Funny, I have had more cucumbers than I ever have had also and I also attributed it to not having cucumber beetles as I have had in the past. In years past I have spent a lot of time squishing cucumber beetles, but haven’t felt the need to this year because there were not so many.


I have had a crop of marketmore cucumbers this year that was very heavy and had no real bug problem at all. I did at least 30 quarts of pickles and ate a full 50-75 of them in salads and such. I have a new full 100 foot row of A&C pickling cucumbers and the seeds have had what appears to be 100% germination and are going like wildfire again. We have had a very rainy humid year so far. Maybe that’s the weather they prefer? I’m not sure but it seems like that is the case. My Limas hated it though. I got big green plants with rotted roots and lost them all…