What's happening today - 2018 edition


And for the fun of it…my wife took this picture yesterday from the bedroom window. It is about half the garden. We are picking bush beans to enter into the Bucks County Fair. I’ll let everyone know how we do!


No, mine were deep yellow and red. Maybe its surround.


Yes, please do!!! Bring home those blue ribbons!


They do have Surround on them. Thanks for clarifying.


Picked some red delicious apples; believe it or not. Tree could be mislabeled but I think they really could be RD. They taste like RD but just don’t have the distinctive color.


They do t look like red delicious. RD had 4 characteristic dimples on the bottom of the apple. I don’t see those on your apple


Not fruit related but a great trip. Wish I had time to spend the day with Alan.


Well, just a few minutes ago I picked my very last yellow peach of the year, and it was terribly depressing!!! I ended up having a great year and loved every minute of it. Now seeing all my empty trees and knowing I won’t be making myself any more peach milkshakes, peach pancakes, fresh-eating peaches, peaches on cereal, GRILLED PEACHES, or any of the other wonderful peach concoctions I’ve come to enjoy SOOO much just makes me sad. Many of these things just aren’t the same with frozen peaches, though I am glad I have some frozen ones to get me through to next year.

I am about 12 days late in responding, but I missed your suggestion on what I could put on a sign beside our fruit tree(s) in the city park to stop one person from taking the whole tree instead of sharing. Even though I just saw your suggestion, it was so good I had to still reply and tell you I will very likely use your exact words and have permanent signs saying this installed beside the tree or maybe trees. SO thanks!


Kevin, perhaps a fruit-eating migration pattern would be the answer. I marvel at some of your later season peaches being over already, while I’m a week away from any of my greenhouse peaches ripening yet.


Sounds like you need more varieties to extend the season. :slight_smile:


I have ton’s of frozen fruit peroid. Frozen works great for smoothies. My Indian Free peach is a month away from being ripe, better add one! Also O’Henry’s is late. I don’t have one, could use wood from anybody? I can supply IF wood if you want to go that way. Remind me if interested this winter. I could use wood from you, I will talk to you about it later in the year.


Today I found my only fruit, 4 apples taken off the trees. Not even a sign of them. Zip lock bags they were in gone too. Found my pixie crunch graft on the ground. Entire graft with all the growth it had. About 6 inches. Chopped off and dumped on the ground. I’m guessing a ground hog.




Ugh that sux


Shared my one Shui Mi Tao with a friend tonight! It was soooo god! So sweet.


Glad I don’t have those. Not only do they get your fruit but then they destroy your tree.


How did the ground hog get up your tree? Can they climb? Sorry to hear about that Susu. Keep trying.


Yes, fat as they are, groundhogs have no problem climbing trees.


I remember seeing a lot of groundhogs when I lived in Ohio. We don’t have them here in Florida. That’s pretty wild to know one actually ate part of your tree. I hear down here a bear will tear a tree down for fruit if they find it. I haven’t had an issue yet but won’t be a happy camper if I do! Sorry about your luck Susu. The really stinks…


Something ripped off the Sweet 16 graft from my fruitless Frankenapple the other day - didn’t even find the scion, only the torn-up stock branch.

I had a lot of that damage last spring, but this was a good take, months along.