What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


We got some plants yesterday and are going to try them with a lot of peat mixed into the loam that is on top of the clay. It’s on a gentle slope so I think it will drain okay. Plan to use pine bark as mulch. I do hope they work. Blueberries grow well in the area but usually on the sandier areas around here…lots of commercial farms here.

Thanks for everyone’s input!!!


Grinding stumps out where the Romance series cherries are going. Still a huge log and stump to do.
Also trapping gophers and preparing for irrigation installation soon.


What do you use for stump grinding?


A vermeer stump grinder. Hubby runs a tree service, and the guys replaced the engine this year on it. Hydraulics make it easy…still takes time on large stumps.


We have some stumps that we need taken out…the price is a bit dear for us so not sure what we will do. Nice to have your own tree service!!! :+1::+1::+1:


It is better to get paid 5 dollars an inch then to have to pay that price for stump grinding.
Its nice to have the enormous chain saw and the know how to use it too when removing large trees like this beast.

There is a 6 foot chain link line post to the far left to help with scale.


How do they calculate the inches? Height above ground? Where does the girth come in on it?

That was a big OLD tree. Our trees weren’t old…it made me sad to cut them!!


They measure across the widest part.
It was an old tree. We would not have removed it but it started breaking down. It lost about 1/3 of the canopy when a limb over 4 feet through broke out. It had a 60 foot spread and was over 80 feet long and it completely blocked the access for our neighbors to get out. We decided it was time.
We are putting cherries down that fence line, and further in 8 English walnuts.
We still have cottonwood trees over our house, and elsewhere, but have removed some to plant food producing trees like the 45 apple in our orchard.


Hey, I have some trees needing to be gone!


My yard is covered in snow and ice. Inside some life is stirring. I brought a few young camellias in to overwinter until they get a little bigger and I noticed this one blooming tonight.


It is reminded me of my Chaen double take Scarlet Quincy flowers.




Very festive flowers Tony. These are perfect for the holiday season. Is this a thorny variety? I need something like this.

Remind me when the weather isn’t bitterly cold anymore. I will send you cuttings of various colored japonicas and hybrids to root.


No thorns. I bought them from Lowe’s during early Spring a couple years ago.


yes we do. 150in. a year is average. in 2008 we hit 200in. a new record.


Some pictures I took last week, mounds are buried figs


That’s awesome Phil. I wish I had a plan like that when I started. I spaced the trees out wrong which led to unequal distance between trees.

Briefly, what is your pruning strategy? Are you topping these trees?


So well done!


Yesterday went out looking around did a little pruning noticed rabbits eating on my blackberries. 2 years of leaving them alone even a couple of paw paws chewed on. Ugh.


Prune plums to a set height as their fruiting wood stays around longer and grows more laterally, peaches I make a tree by tree decision


Attended some training up north of Pittsburgh today and stopped at my favorite regional orchard afterwards. Picked up a half bushel of Goldrush. Ate one on the drove home. I really love this apple. Also stopped at Arsenal Ciderworks and picked up a growler of cider. Unfortunately I just missed their small batch Goldrush cider that apparently just won a gold medal at the great lakes cider festival.