What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition



A few broken limbs and hail.


I spent the day at my friend’s new house on the St Clair River. I kept looking at Canada thinking about how close I was to Cupid and Valentine cherry bushes! That’s all Canada on the other side of the river. The water level is flooding and is expected to keep rising for a few more weeks yet. It’s already come into the house when the ice jammed in the spring. When the boats make wakes they come to the top of the seawall. The water is five foot deep at the sea wall and twenty foot deep at the end of his 140’ dock. The river flows at about 4 mph. It was also fun to watch the freighters go by.

This one is turning around. I think that’s Harson’s Island where Drew’s cottage is at the bow of the ship in the distance. @Drew51

We saw a couple of offshore boats doing over a 100 mph going by too. There must have been about eight freighters that went by. His girlfriend’s dog is really smart and so adorable.


Nice photos, that is Russell Island, not Harson’s. I’m on Russell. I think it is? Freighters I never saw turn around. I don’t what he is doing?? . He is probably trying to stay in the deep part of the river. He looks loaded to the gills.


He turned around and then continued going backwards down river. We thought maybe he need to be that way to unload. They see them do it and then unload at Edison just upstream. They couldn’t figure out why he kept going away though. We were in East China looking south where the river splits in two going around the island.


Yeah that’s Russell. OK he was unloading, I forgot about Edison. Yeah for whatever reason watching the freighters is relaxing. I can see them from my kitchen window too. You can hear them also, sometimes the whole house shakes.


Ouch sorry to see that. It’s hard to lose trees you put several years in to.


Today I noticed that the bell peppers are starting to get yellow in the waterlogged soil of my garden. They went in later than the tomatoes, which look just awful but are actually setting some fruits.


Someone in our neighborhood was advertising free kumquats, but I don’t think these are kumquats. They’re really large for kumquats, they are oblong but they’re more yellowish then orange in color. The skin is not sweet at all; the citrus is ripe though.

Does anyone know what these are?


My Meyer lemons look like those.


I’m curious. How do you folks keep a roof on with all that huge hail?


We get lots of new roofs and our greenhouses and sky lights get replaced.


I love MN after a spring rain. Dolgo crab is setting some fruitlets and the spring bulbs are almost done doing their thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, that is incredible!


You pay a very high rate for homeowners insurance. The rate in west Texas is 5 times higher than some areas.


Is it required that each home have a cellar so they don’t end up flying away like Dorothy headed to Oz?

We had a tornado warning here in MN today. I usually don’t think much of such warnings until I remember that the Mayo Clinic which keeps this town afloat was founded after a tornado flattened the town. :grimacing: There hasn’t been a bad one since but you can never rule it out. Nature can be terrifying.


I’ve never heard of that being required anywhere. Oklahoma is much worse than here for tornado. If I lived there I’d have an underground shelter. Right here is on the western edge of the tornado belt. I’m not too worried.


Today will be 30C a lovely warm sunny day, good for cross pollinating some apples. Despite the warm weather our fruit trees are blooming late this year.

The last tornado we had was in 2007. I was alone and spent the time in the basement under the stairs wishing I had had the sense to put my beer fridge in the same area. We have a walk in basement and I was too afraid to cross in front of the large window especially when I saw the TV antenna whirl by. If any event will drive you to drink it is the eerie calm and pressure change right before the storm hits.


10+ years ago my husband ordered some “trees” (lol) in the mail from somewhere…it was not our “thing” to know anything about trees of any sort. In this bunch of sticks that he received was one labeled English Walnut. So we planted it and basically forgot it. Maybe watered it a few times and it just kept on being a stick with a leaf or two. (I know, the TRAVESTY!!!). Anyway the last 3-4 years it has just taken off and is now about 10-11 foot tall and we’ve had to trim the branches back from our deck. THIS YEAR IT HAS A FEW WALNUTS!!!


How cool. I have a black wallnet tree. I discovered it after i cleared a 8 acre country lot. I did’nt like the taste,