What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


The passion fruit vine is in full bloom. Unfortunately my local pollinators do not do a great job of pollinating the flowers, so I have to do them by hand to get a good set of fruit. Just about every afternoon I spend 5-10 minutes with a q-tip, collecting pollen from one flower and transferring it to another. Today I hand-pollinated about 2 dozen flowers. I did see a bee buzzing around the vine, so hopefully he gets to the flowers I couldn’t reach.


Picture I took yesterday of my Backyard. 4 inches of rain In the month of May, that is a lot for Boise!


Besides rainfall,how are your trees watered?bb


My English walnut has smooth skinned fruit and rounded leaves and looks nothing like this.

With the pointy leaves and rough skinned fruit, yours looks more like my black walnut although the fruit shape is more ovate and rougher.


Your yard is beautifully maintained and organized. I love it!


Always love your pictures Phil! If I had more money and time I’d strive to turn my little orchard into a clone of yours. I love how neat and tidy it is.


Wow. That’s almost half your typical annual rainfall, isn’t it?


Today - need to spread straw mulch, harvest peas, spray peaches, plant the last of the herbs.


Bagging more apples


Well that’s good to know! Who even knows where we got this and it was a foot long when we planted it. Some of the fruit has dropped off so I’ll open it and see. I had a black walnut once and it was rounder if I remember correctly. A mystery!


Cut cross section. When cut the brown part was yellowish and turned orange to brown.


nice orchard!


Spread straw, harvested broccoli and some Butterhead lettuce.


Can anyone identify this tree? South east Texas.


What variety is that red butterhead?


Alkindus. It’s done well, it’s my first year growing it!


Coming through Fredericksburg TX today. It’s hot and early for peaches but the white fleshed peaches are ready(I didn’t hear the variety). The blackberries and strawberries are ripe and we picked some of those.


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I tasted my honey berries for the first time, yum! I ate the fig that started inside over the winter also yum! And the Palm I started from seed is flowering. It flowers every spring when I pull it out of the basement. It’s about 12 years old.


So pale looking, Is the fig ripe yet??