What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


Organic Aphid control, takes time but it works

these idiots…


Last one. A haul picture.


After almost ten years of slow growing and different mishaps in trying to get Pawpaw to fruition,I may have one and that’s all so far.
There were about a half dozen clusters and now this solitary fruit remains,on about a four foot tall Overleese.
I’m going to try it,Tony.bb


Congrats, Brady. I cross-pollinated my Shenandoah with the pollen you gave me (thank you). It looked like it would work but then, all dropped. This is the second year that this variety flowered.

It is 4th leaf tree. Hope I don’t have to wait nearly 10 years :weary:


If there was any pollen left,save and freeze for next year.The stuff I used,could have been three years old.
I can also send more.bb


Mine have gotten a lot bigger than last year, one seedling has about 40 fruit still hanging on. I want to say they are 7-8 years old, and probably from Kentucky Champion seed.


I just want to post some shots of my little veggie garden. It has gotten smaller and smaller as the years have passed. We only grow what we can eat - and have a little to share. I have started keeping my ‘teenage’ pomegranate starts in pots, in there, where they will not miss being watered. Re-purposed a black planter by turning it upside down and cutting out the ‘bottom’ - for stability. The cukes seem to love it! One shot of our first ripe tomato for the season. And the dog . . . . ! :relaxed:


Great looking Swiss chard, French breakfast raddish and some dill.


I received my Russian pomegranate order from Baker Creek today. The description said “plants” not rooted cuttings. So I was expecting plants. Kind of disappointed to receive these puny things.


How much did you pay for these if I may ask?


Great, elegant garden!!!


All of them are my favorites!!!


Is it Sakavatski or another variety.

I had Salavatski that I accidentally gave to a friend ( thought I gave her another variety). She got it killed in the first winter :frowning_face:


Not sure the actual variety. The website just says Russian pomegranate Hardy to zone 6. So it’s kind of a gamble.
@PharmerDrewee I paid $13 for those. So not much lost if they do end up dying on me.


I used to put Kazake in ground in an protected area close to the foundation. It died to the ground but would sprout back. I do not know if it would grow fast enough to fruit for zone 6.

@scottfsmith knows more about planting them in ground. I keep my two varieties in pots. Meant to keep them for a sentimental value.


Snow Queen got her flowers opening!

Fuyu Jiro persimmon, finally as you can see, flowers bloomed yellow.

In full sun, this iris opens to a nice lilac, but allowed to open inside my apartment they are dark!

Now if only I had these Picture tulips. Photos are from Wayside Gardens 1995 fall catalog, prior to internet addiction.


I just use a hose with a sprinkler attachment, super simple.


I planted one called Crimson Sky by the brick foundation on the south side of my house out of curiosity. We’ll see if it survives in PA. The fig next to it does pretty well most winters covered with a simple tarp and even made it without protection for a few winters.


This is actually large for what they sometimes send! They send out the tiniest plugs, but everything i have gotten from them has grown, so far.


Got a cherry tree covered, planning to do the honeyberries and raspberries next but ran out of net. Robins have already taken the first not quite ripe honeyberry. Thanks @galinas for the inspiration.