What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


Hear is a picture of a pee wee hican tree i planted a month ago.


OK, this isn’t happening today but I took this photo to post the day I took it and forgot, but I would still like to hear what folks think. This was taken back on May 6 at a Walmart in Franklin, KY from a crate of peaches. They had signs up saying USA PEACHES and I was a bit skeptical that ripe peaches from USA were already in, but the tag says they were packed on May 2. Even if they were picked and packed on the same day, are there really ripe peaches in USA (I’m sure it would have to be California) by the end of April? I was surprised because we have a lot of CA friends here on this site, and I don’t recall ever seeing them post ripe peaches by the first of May. What say you all, is this legit or is something rotten in Denmark!?!? ha



Love it!


here is info from Texas A&M on low chill peaches that can be grown in Rio Grande Valley. I assume SoCal has equivalent cultivars. The chill factor would be the challenge.

I couldn’t get your link to work. :flushed:


Over the weekend I decided to check on the remaining stash of Goldrush apples I had in cold storage. They were a past prime fresh eating and the skins were starting to wrinkle. I got out the apple spiral pealer and decided to dehydrate them. Used a little cinnamon and they turned out great. Still have that deep goldrush flavor thats been intensified by drying. I ended up with 3 quart bags.

Great snack


Thanks K8. I guess I just haven’t paid attention, but I sure didn’t know peaches were ripening anywhere by Mid April, but it looks like I’m wrong.

I actually picked my very first peach today, and I think that is absolutely AMAZING for my area. Its an unknown tree that was here when I bought my place, and I usually get my first peach from it the last day of May. I have a Florida King (shown on your chart!!) which is suppossed to be super early, but my mystery peach is 2 weeks before it. And my mystery tree also tastes better than most early peaches. Wish I knew what it was!

BTW…I fixed the link in my other post. Thanks for that.


That looks great!! Sounds better. Crazy as it sounds since I’m sure they are sweet, I’d be tempted to add a little sugar with the cinnamon.

What kind of dehydrator do you have? I’m going to buy one this year since it looks like I’m going to have a LOT of apples. (I shouldn’t jinx myself like that, hu!)



San Joaquin Valley, Ca


Very cool site. I’ve actually been to it a few times. I don’t know if you remember my story about how I ended up with a pluot that was never supposed to be released and was licenced to only one orchard, but THAT was the orchard! Kingsburg was the only people who were allowed to have my plouot (called dragon tears). I don’t know if it is still on that site or not, but it used to be and it was the only place on the whole internet that even had the name of that pluot, along with a photo (which did match perfectly). So I’ve long sort of enjoyed that site.

BTW…did you notice on the label that it said the fungacide used on those peaches might be CHLORINE!!! I’ve never heard of that before!


Bleach…an oldie but goodie!!! Lol. Our water is dilute bleach!!! Bleah!!!


Here is the ripening chart (for Fresno, CA area) for commercial peaches from DWN: https://www.davewilson.com/maturity-chart/commercial/yellow-peach


I’ve got pawpaws! I hope they aren’t at risk of falling off at this stage, because I went and thinned 80% of them a couple days ago. This year’s hand pollination adventure looks to be a success.


My Issai mulberry is loaded. Kids are really enjoying them. I think they are just meh… completely easy to grow and disease free. One of the only no spray fruits I have.

Zestar! is sizing up nicely. About the size of a racketball. Its a little ahead of Williams Pride.

Korean Giant a bit smaller than most of my other pears. Maybe becuase of the lo ger growing season?


Congrats on the fruitlets, how old are those trees? I have a two year old Zestar, it’s already about 10ft tall. To my surprise, it set two apples, but way up high on the trunk, at least I don’t have to worry about deer getting those! They’re about 1in in diameter.


I think the Zestar is on 3rd leaf and the KG is on 4th leaf. There is probably a dozen apples on Zestar and probably 3 dozen KG.

One thing for sure, i need to start summer pruning. The trees are getting way too tall for my liking.




Wow, 15x10 miles! How many ladybugs this could be!


I ate breakfast At a Mexican restaurant today in Lubbock and took a picture of the figs growing in their alley. They are huge and covered in fruit


It was ripe and very tasty, I don’t know the cultivar the figs are slightly blushed when ripe. I ordered 10 Panche Tiger figs from Hartman and got 4 different cultivars.


Today was rain,lightning, and pea sized hail. Only plant damaged was 1 tomato leaf broke off.

Between downpours I went to Portland Nursery. Wow!! Big like Powells Bookstore big! They have maps. I got a Kens Red and an Anna hardy kiwi, a Chandler strawberry, a purple yucca, and a tuber I have to check tag for name.

I saw so many seeds! They had organic Territorial seeds, so I had to buy. I will photograph later.