What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


@David_DeafGardening which one did you go to. Can’t remember which is bigger off top of my head but yeah nice selection. I’d avoid Tsugawa if I were you.


I have never been to Tsugawa, what is the problem there?

I was at the Portland Nursery close to the Max green and blue line.

Two kinds of Goumi also sold there were ripe so I tasted them. Astrinigency was akin to black tea, but has a sweet flavor. One I liked better than the other, so much in fact I now want it. It must be in my head…but I swear eating one berry made my body feel better. Not sure why. But good reason to eat them!


goumi is loaded with lycopene and many vitamins. makes great fruit leather. i eat them seeds and all.


It will take quite a few to make fruit leather! LOL!
What other ideas to do? Jelly, juice, other?
I am very tempted…but how big will it get, can I prune it to stay small, and if needs full sun I have little place left. May need to be in container.
But wow it was good.


jam i think would be pretty good. juice also. mine get about 6 hrs. of full sun per day and do fine. i keep mine at 5-6ft. birds don’t seem to bother with them.


Winesap apple that has sat with no sign of life since May, has sprouted all over! It has been in the 80s all week, maybe that helped. I’m happy to see it wake up.


Rain,rain,rain…Not complaining, we need it. Just puts a serious crimp in getting work done… Elderberry looks great this year though!


Finally got around to thinning the peaches and nectarines, 20 gallon’s worth off of 7 trees. The Redhavens where absolutely loaded this year!

Not my favorite orchard chore!!!


Went and looked at my Howard miracle plum 4 years in ground it was simply loaded with blooms saw maybe a dozen form now I see some that started and turned yellow still have maybe 4 left on tree hopefully they will stay on.


Orchards and growing fruit is about patience. Fruitlets don’t really stay on if the tree is too young. Once fertilizing, spraying, netting, bagging are in order, the fruit will stick! :heart_eyes:


I hear you it’s been raining a lot here too. It’s hard to spray in the rain. My first time I did at the tail end of the day after rain. I got out and sprayed today for brown rot and pc. It was already showing up on cherries. I hope it can be stopped once it’s on them. The indar works great when I can get out to spray. I missed a couple opportunities with good weather because I had side jobs. I just bought a 25 gallon sprayer which is a big improvement from my two gallon pump sprayers. Now I know I’m getting full coverage. It can hit the tops of the trees too. It pumps a gallon a minute and uses more volume up, but it’s so much easier.


I’ve been doing this for seven years now and still learning how to get that all in order. Every year I learn something new and say well there’s always next year. This is the first year I have a lot of fruit that’s clean. Plus even with knowing when and what to spray has been hard with all the rain. But hey, there’s always next year. Weather can be a pain in the butt!


You are so right. It took seven years before my Italian Prune Plum blossomed and set fruit. My Enterprise apple which has since gone biennial did not fruit for ten years. On the other hand my Pristine August apple set fruit in Year two and has produced ever since. Some trees like my apricots have tons of blossoms, set fruit then due a minor chilly night, drop all fruit. You have to love what you are doing and enjoy the challenge, as it is a constant challenge. A new insect, a new fungus. But new information to make it all work, is the best!


@David_DeafGardening had issues with everything I got from them avoid.


@mrsg47 too right it is just I am anxious to give them a try. My Italian has maybe 20 plums on it. Yeah! I’ve had Italian so I know what those are just anxious for my Howard ok impatience really. My imperial epineous blossomed no fruit. I have so many plums I am thinking pulling it out to make room for pear on ohxf 333.


Finally drying out here, tomatoes and peppers seem to be reviving.

But the soil is in awful condition, looks like the bed of a dead lake.


Sweet treat in Southern California. It hit 110 today!!


Today, down-sizing and giving buckets of furniture to friends children starting out. It feels great to give! Funny, though to see almost empty rooms!


Mrs. G.,
You are very kind and generous.


Some pretty yellow mushrooms in a fig pot.