What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


110 is hotter than it gets here typically. Is that normal for your area?


@Plum, that’s hot!! It was 101 here today. Is that normal or just a heat wave there? Our hottest weather is almost always around the summer solstice in late June. A few years ago we saw 111 and 110 for 2 days. A big difference from the average 100 degree summers here. The hot weather is good for getting high brix fruit, as long as its not to hot. does it cool down at night there? Your Sweet Treat plueries look great! Let us know how they taste, may have to get one here!


Got to 104F here in San Jose, CA today!


It was 100 yesterday and 110 today. Maybe triple digits tomorrow and then back down to upper 70’s low 80’s. Thankfully it gets into the 60’s at night. I’m in Santee CA and it does get pretty hot here in the summers, but 110 it hotter than normal. Not a good day for the a/c to breakdown thankfully I got it working by the afternoon.


Heat wave here too 98 next two days they say. Speaking of mushrooms wish I knew these were edible it’s in the back corner of my property.


Fairy ring!


It does go all the way around.


Rain rain more rain here. A bit monsoon-y today.
Got fruits bagged in the 2 or 3 dry days last week.
Small fruit set this year.


Yep, don’t disturb it.


Interesting mushroom. Do you know if its fungi are “good” for the fig or not?


And do not fall asleep within the circle or you may never get out…

<Insert appropriate Shakespearean quote from A Midsummer’s Night Dream>


No pretty pictures - must get one of my kids in here for adult supervision and figure out how to put photos from my wife’s phone onto this site.

So far this season only one graft has taken. It is the variety I need to replace Rambour Franc: Maiden Blush. Sure hope it works better for holding to the branch and blooming annually.

Next project: air-layer three grafts from last year. Two of Rosemary Russet on Bardsey & one of Tarecap Bitter on GoldRush need their own roots. I went for Bardsey as a stock for RR with the hope it will influence the fruit favorably, while keeping the tree a modest size. Bardsey handles the arid conditions here admirably. Tarecap went onto GoldRush because I ran out of room elsewhere, and the branch was too low to keep anyway. I tried air-layering first time last year, put the moss in place too wet and had not girdled - simply scored - the branch before brushing with root hormone.

Tarecap Bitter is a wildling found in Maine, 2015, with cider possibilities.


I have no idea. The fig in that pot is doing OK. About like the others.


I had my very first Florida King peach today. Its a VERY early peach, and I was extremely happy with its taste. I let it get soft on the tree, and it had a more melting flesh than most early peaches. It was very sweet and just a really good peach. No, it wasn’t quite up to late peach standards, but it is one of my favorite early peaches I’ve ever had. I’d recommend it highly.


Is it clingstone?


Most of what I’ve seen on the internet says yes, but the one I had today was semi-cling if not free…i pulled the whole seed pit away with only small bits clinging to it and it came away pretty easy. I’ll try a few more in the next few days and decide for sure but it certainly isn’t as “clingy” as some of my other early peaches.


Today, grape arbor with concord to right and catawba to left

leaf is HUGE on catawba

New hardy kiwi plants need placed…need ideas…

Main garden

Main herb garden

Tons of strawberries line my garden

1st tomato to set is Sweet Baby Girl

Gypsy peppers become purple

Bird feeders and house are old but work well to draw in chickadee, house finch, goldfinch, sparrow, junco



Passion fruit vine is producing like crazy! I’ve had to hand pollinate most of these, but the last few days I have seen first one, now 3-4 bees working the flowers and getting the pollen all over themselves. Hopefully they are hitting the flowers on top of the trellis where I cannot reach.

I think these are flower buds on the dragon fruit (generic Red):


I have a Shenandoah, too. And am not sure of the other 2 varieties. ? All of my paw paws are still quite small, even tho they have been in the ground for several years. They finally ‘look like something’ this year. Lots of leaves - very green and healthy. But only about 2 and a half feet tall. I hope that ‘some day’ we will see some fruit!