What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


Blueberries are starting.

I also have been overwhelmed with peas. The red ones are Nanking cherries. The first ones I picked were definitely underripe. These ones are much better with a pomegranate flavor.


Dear Plum,
Don’t really want to ‘like’ your post! I wish there was an ‘I feel sorry for you’ choice!

110 degrees! Yikes. Stay hydrated - and maybe, DON’T MOVE TOO MUCH? Glad you got your AC up and running. That is brutal heat. :fire: Hope it cools off soon.


Well I sprayed again today. This year has been trouble just like every other year.
We had rain during bloom. Then at petal fall I sprayed and it rained the next day Sprayed a week later
and it rained the next day. Thought that I might have gotten most of the PC and now I see over half with scars… grrrr As I was spraying I saw a live Curculio.

I thought that I could get by with just early sprays but I guess that I was wrong.


Third leaf Satsuma Plum:


I’ve gotten so used to 1 of my small Honeycrisp trees flowering, setting fruit, and then dropping most at or before June drop, that I hadn’t checked it closely for a month. I was happy to finally see it holding 18 green, unblemished fruit about 2 1/2 inches. Will get supplies this week and bag them up. The unpleasant surprise was to see the first Japanese Beetles arrive, so that war has started. Anyone else finding the beetles yet? It’s been great weather here, days in the 70’s and nights in the 50’s, a nice change from the early heat.


It would be nice if the polar votex had killed them all, but I won’t count on it


You are funny!


@plum, What rootstock is your Satsuma Plum on?. I have one on Myro in it’s fifth leaf that hasn’t bloomed yet.


Mine is on citation.


3 of the 4 pear grafts i put on my 7ft. mountain ash took and are leafing out! the 4th is still green and may also take in time. I’m psyced to get pears on a tree that was a volunteer that sprouted on a old spruce stump. its a very vigorous tree so I’m hoping i get fruit in a few years. theres 2 varieties on there. harvest queen and sekel.


Buckets of rain today. A ‘duvet day’! My house is becoming empty, but the 13 tomato plants I planted for the new buyers are doing really well!!!



You sold your house?


Stoop labor day - picking peas and strawberries


The feed mechanism still needs work, need to make a new roller, and get some new springs. But with a little help to feed the tape it is working!

Anyone know what that thing is to the right?




With the cold wet spring this year everything is behind last year by about two weeks. Finally got my first pound of strawberries along with some broccoli and garlic scapes.


Picked today :sunglasses:

Picked Yesterday !


What variety is the orange raspberry? It’s very attractive.


Thanks it is Double Gold Yellow Raspberry.