What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


How do they taste? For some reason they just look like they would taste even better than red raspberries! They sure are pretty.

@Poorwolf Greg, its funny you mentioned Japanese Beetles. Yesterday I saw my very first one- on their very favorite tree which is sweet cherry. Grapes is a close second once they get started. Upon seeing that evil bug yesterday, I had the same thought as you- the war has begun. And it is a hard fight here. The only good thing I can say is that here its only about 2 months.

@hoosierbanana OK, I’ll be the dumb guy who asks…what on earth is that thing?? Looks like maybe some kind of prehistoric label maker/stamper???


It is an aluminum tape embosser, last patent date cast into the base is 1905, but they still make a version.


The other thing looks like a tape dispenser, but it has a brush with a well for paint or oil or something.


Midnight Marvel Hibiscus blooming…JCS_0396 JCS_0397 JCS_0399


How beautiful…


Wow, very beautiful!


Here is the same Meeker raspberry yesterday and today:


These are more sweeter and pleasant as compared to red ones.


My breba figs on my big tree are ripening.


Deer managed to jump my fen e and steel most of my williams pride and all of my scarlet crush apples. Im so pissed off.


So sorry, David. Could not believe this happened to you!!!


Sorry to hear this. Got get a gun and shoot that damn deer


Deer fence needs to be 7’ tall and pinned down to the ground too or they will crawl under it. I know your frustrations they’ve got my trees too. Right now I don’t have any deer pressure, but once the fawns are bigger they’ll be causing havoc on anything they can get into. If they can get their nose under a fence they will try forcing their body through so bewear.


Closing on my house is July 10. Hopefully will be in France by Sept. slipped and fell on my marble steps into my orchard the other morning. Finally out of the ER yesterday. Slid on the green slime after the rain. Frightening. Am in incredible pain and back home. No breaks just horribly bruised. Dialed 911 while looking at the sky. I could not move or get up. Hopefully this is now the end of not fun things happening.


Aw… Mrs.G…hope you feel better soon. No fun way to start the summer…


@mrsg47, hope you feel better soon!


Ooh, no! Hope you feel better soon


I’m hoping you have a speedy recovery Mrs. G. :blush:


Ouch! I hope your better soon. My deck gets slimy like that. I need to power wash it. It’s been raining so much. It’s in the shade at ground level where mine is slippery.


France sounds like a wonderful thing to look forwards to.bb


So sorry for your troubles. The south of France will be sunny, bright, and less slimy. I think you’ll be up to your eyeballs in superb fruit and colorful flowers.