What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


Picking my first real harvest of haskaps. I’m going to make a pie. I can’t really taste much flavor just sour. I’m hoping sugar and baking brings out some flavors.


France will lift your spirits, I’m sorry you’ve had a bad fall!


Just watch slippery steps and decks.??just like ice, no way to stop it!


Mrs. G.,
So sorry about the fall. Wish you speedy recovery.
France will be a nicer place than rain-soaked Newport.


Feel better soon Mrs G. I hope there’s better weather where you’re moving and lots of good quality fruit.


Get well soon MrsG! I am glad you had no Fx. We did so many hip pinnings this past Winter due to the icy porch and steps.



Hey. Mrs G. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Glad it was not worse. With love. Jim


Thanks all!!


Let us know how the fruit growing goes in France.


On a daily basis!


What a weird season, some of my apples are still blossoming while the rest of the tree is setting fruit.

I thinned one of my apple trees much to my husbands chagrin LOL. He doesn’t like to see how many need to be taken off.

I am so excited, I found 3 wild gooseberry bushes in a clearing out back, I have not seen any since I was a child and we used to pick them for a little jam. I am wondering if I should let them be or move them to nicer soil. :thinking:


It is a weird seasom, for sure!

I’ve been monitoring the Juneberries, which are usually ready around fathers day but they’re all tiny, green and hard. An apple i planted in early may is about to flower…


same here i have a wild one full of green berries but far from ripening. my y. transparent is a very early apple that is ripe by mid july but hasn’t flowered yet.


i also found my 1st. wild gooseberry here. it was in a very shady spot so i put it in a gallon pot in full sun. its doubled its growth in a few weeks. might get berries off it next summer.


LOVE double gold


I ordered several things on sale from
Stark Bros and they arrived last night. The fuyu was broken about 6 inches up the graft.

The shoot in the picture is below the graft. I called stark at 6 and left a voicemail. They called me back @ 9 this morning and a new Fuyu is on the way. Good folks very professional and nice.


The first Lemon Guava flowers on a plant that I’ve had for a few years.I guess they need to get a little woody before starting.bb


Over 4 inches of rain in less than an hour last night, this old red bellied cooter needed a hand getting back into the pond.


I had a little guava, nearly all seeds. Howdo you use or eat them?


Yes,I may have had one from a store and there were lots of small seeds.Running them through a food strainer should help.
I will look for recipes and will see what they are like in a smoothie.bb