What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


I did plant some and harvesting my first berries. So far, so good. I have Climax, Tifblue, Austin, Premier, and Brightwell.


Blueberries are looking really good this year, finally figured out a formula that the plants seem to like. Raspberries are also doing well, this is honey queen raspberry, one of the best, beautiful color, large berries, good flavor.


Today I tried my hand at a rainwater collection system. Just testing this out to see how it goes and go bigger if it works. Didn’t think about capping the end of the gutter attachment though. The regular gutter cap is too small. I’m thinking of attaching another gutter to that side and capping it

Also my eggplant was dying in it’s pot so I made it a raised bed and out it in. Hopefully it makes it. Lowe’s wanted $50 for a pre made bed this size. I spent about $6 in wood and screws. Sure, it’ll rot eventually but for $6 I’ll gladly make another one


Grapes keep loading up! I am am more pleased every year that I planted these quality grapes! :slight_smile: They just get more and better all the time.
since my cherry tree is just leaf now, I figured why not dress it up with showy climbing nasturtiums?

These are all the dropped persimmons so far.

Leaves seem to be kinda yellow. Hmm…

Still have many growing.

Somebody is eating my passionfruit leaves! Grr!

Scarlet runner beans are taking off. I hope to eat some beans, my favorite and never in stores.

Lettuce in garden bed, best heads I have ever grown from seed this year. Unsure why.

Under persimmon tree

And my Sweet Baby Girl has twins!

Finally, what to do with strawberries? Strawberry lemonade!!


Lettuce has shallow roots and likes full sun, can not compete with most other plants.


Thank you for your concern, Andrew! You also have a good memory because you are right…my main Sajio tree is probably my favorite tree in my whole orchard!!! I would have died if I had dropped a tree onto that one!!! Fortunately this was just an old Virginiana that I had grafted a scion from my favorite tree onto. but it was still a huge loss because this was its 3rd year and it was doing great. BTW, if you have time, take a look at my photos I just posted. They show another Virginiana I grafted a saijo to, as well as my original Saijo tree that I do love so much. Sorry to hear you did the same thing this year!


I went around town sampling loquats which are finally beginning to ripen here!

3 trees were loaded with fruit. Two of them were quite good. They were sweet with a nice complex loquat flavor and just 1-2 seeds. The other had small fruit and not as good.


Nice finds.What are the locations of the two best ones?
The NO TRESPASSING sign looks like an obvious invitation to do some tree climbing.bb


That is good news, today is a misty day I think I will wander out and dig one up.


My Satsuma plum developed fruit for the very first time, this spring. Granted . . . it was only one single itty bitty plum! But, it was delicious! And it gave me hope, that someday, we might actually have a bountiful crop of great tasting plums! I should have taken a picture! It was the size of a walnut. Such a prized possession - that I carefully cut it in half, removed the pit, and shared it with my husband! LOL


My little ‘Loews’ Red Haven peach developed about 10 peaches, which I know I should have ‘relieved it of’. But, I could not control myself. I did have the sense to thin them.
And they are pretty good size. That is a 6" napkin they are sitting on.

Very exciting! I took 2 this morning. (I tore the top of one.)

The bugs and birds did not get to these 2, for some reason.

None of the other stone fruit (other than the Satsuma plum that I wrote about in an earlier post) set fruit that ‘held’. Just as well . . . they are all very young.



So sorry to hear that you fell. Scary to be immobile and waiting for help! Glad nothing ‘broke’.
I fell twice, in 3 years - in the garden and broke one wrist at a time! Not fun. So . . . I sympathize. Tripped over ‘stuff’ both times.

You posted on June 16 - so I hope you are on the mend. Your closing is coming up . . . ? Hope you have help to make the move.


It’s way too early for Satsuma to be ripe, Satsuma is an August plum. I’m afraid your plum is something else. Not necessarily a bad thing, there are a lot of good plums.


Had six of these red cabbages. Amazing how little bug damage or disease they had. 2 sprays of BT about a month apart.
On a side note, I feel my garden has reached the point where the beneficials have caught up to the pests. Neat how nature works.


I found what I think was a spotted lanternfly in my yard for the first time this morning on an Asian pear tree (maybe it missed a taste of home). At first, it looked like a jumping spider; it jumped; it’s fast; it’s dark and black. The long snout gave it away though. I sprayed it with Sevin to try to knock it down and take a picture, but the thing jumped into the grass, hopefully to its death.

This encounter deeply concerns me. I did not expect this bug to be so hard to capture. Luckily there aren’t many if any tree of heaven near my house. I just hope the local predators eventually curb their population growth or the government introduces an acceptable biological control from wherever it came from. Not sure how much this will impact my trees going forward.


I saw SLF has caused $9 billion of damage to Pennsylvania’s economy. Scary that this could and does happen.

I haven’t seen any yet in eastern Bucks Co. but I know they have been spotted in our area.

Good luck bud.


Wow! and they have only infested about a quarter to a third of the state so far.

I’m seeing the nymphs all over my place. Not so much in the orchard, but everywhere else.


Reports claim that insect populations are declining drastically, but this never sems to apply to pests.

OK, maybe it applies to rose chafers, I never see those anymore, but they’ve been replaced by JBs, which are worse


A sucker is born every minute, just graft over it :grin:

Huge suckers off a flowering pear of some kind. Just begging to be topworked!

Tried chip budding on a rather large understock compared to the scion. Did not get a perfect match but hopefully one side match is enough.

Looks like a peach tree was removed from this location. Grafted this sucker too!

The good one. First time I’m trying to graft onto green wood. Bark will not lift, so have to chip graft.

Oops, this one is upside down


Splendid work!