What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


Are we family? I think we are now!!!


You know if you lived closer you’d be on my delivery route! ha


Too bad - that was a fine tuxedo cat


Kevin, don’t forget I am your friend and neighbor too​:yum::joy:


@k8tpayaso, @IL847, @mamuang You guys are really cracking me up. and of course it isn’t at all suspicious that you’ve all decided we are neighbors and family right about the time I’m ready to deliver my fruit boxes! hahaha But I do wish you were all closer!


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:Kevin, next time if I am in the area, I want to stop by and pretend I am your neighbor next door​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You know, Annie, as proud as I am of my nectarines, I’m not QUITE sure its worth the 8 hr drive from the Windy City to pick up a few of them!!! But anytime you’re ready, you know you qualify in the “friends” category so I’ll have a box for you! ":slight_smile:


Thanks. I guess they are tabbies, specifically Mackerel’s, after Kevin’s suggestion and looking them up online.

Since they have pseudo M’s on their heads, we thought we ought to give them ‘M’ names. Right now, finalist names are Murray, Mustafa, Mack, Max, Malcolm, Marcus, Miles, Maximus and Milo.

Regarding who’s a real neighbor of Kevin, I’m actually closer than any of y’all, so…


Yeah, we really miss him, he was a fine hunter and quite a character. He had gotten a bit rotund, but not from us feeding him much, seems like he caught something just about every day, judging by his shape.


That is very sweet of you. You are right.I don’t have a lot of chance to be in the area where you are at. But still can drool over your beautiful fruits​:grinning::hugs:


A couple gallons of big breba figs.


After the storms rolled through yesterday the sailors delight sky peaked right before dark. Awesome colors.


For the win!

I love giving pets normal people names instead of traditional pet names. I told my daughter that if we get another dog his name has to be Rick!


Only thing that could beat Rick is Bob!

This is my dog Bob…hilarious!!


Same here. Still haven’t named them yet. Maybe Mike and Murray.

They are so small, but seem to be doing well despite some digestive issues. Guess they’re getting used to their new surroundings and food. I went down to the tomato/corn patch yesterday and they followed me down there. Funny seeing them walking amongst the tall corn stalks.

Hey, that’s me!


Sollly :slight_smile::heart_eyes:


No worries, I think Bob would be a great name for a pet. Other names like Greg, Mike, Frank, George, Matt, etc would also be unusual, funny names.


Good ole home depot labeling… :roll_eyes:


got a bantam rooster named Bob. comes to it to. he’s very friendly and hops on your lap. :wink:


I found this big heavy box on my porch from my aunt in Florida. Heavy as rocks I swear. I now have fresh home grown Florida mangoes! I see some Nam Doc Mai and Valencia Pride and there is a smaller variety I can’t identify. I love surprise fruit deliveries!