What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


The birds and maybe squirrels were murdering my Flavor Grenade fruit,even with nylon footies,so I added some of those non-woven type of bags and they seem to be working.bb


The bags look good. Where did you order them from?


I think they came from China,by way of Amazon.It might be more effective if they were green.Maybe I’ll try dyeing some.bb


How do you like their breathability? In my humid east, that’s a concern for bagged stone fruit.


Today’s harvest


A coworker and I put bags over our faces and tried to push air through them.It took a little effort but was doable,especially through the mouth.This was doubled,because they were flat.They seem thinner than the cheap dust masks that people wear for light duty applications.
Since the humidity here isn’t like yours,it’s difficult to say what their performance might be.
I’m not sure where that guy on the forum lives,that brought attention to these.Maybe the East coast?bb


This is Broken Heart Plum and the first time fruiting.I was a little greedy and let maybe one too many fruit stay on about a second year graft.These things get big and snap went the branch.
There was still some bark holding on,so I carefully repositioned and secured in two directions and the Plum on the left is supported too.That was about 2 weeks ago and there is still life.bb


One of the people I gave a box of fruit to a few days ago showed up at my front door last night with this peach cobbler she had made with some of the peaches I gave her! How nice is that!!! It was seriously the best cobbler I’ve ever had. It had a slightly different taste I couldn’t identify (but LOVED) and perhaps best of all was the way she did the top “crust”. I have never seen that before. It appears to just be slices of loaf bread. But they must have been soaked in something. The taste of that bread is very rich ans sweet and just out of this world. WHen I saw it I didn’t think I’d like it but now it was the best bread topping I have ever had!!! Hope she will share her recipe!!! WOW! So good.


Was doing some work on the computer and saw these guys. It was a pair and I’m really frustrated I can’t remember what they are called! Such a beautiful, majestic bird…JCS_1205 JCS_1203

JCS_1180 JCS_1192


Swallow tail kite.
Cool !


Kevin, share recipe is a must . Don’t let us keep drooling


The first thing I thought was the tail looks just like a swallow tail.


Cool looking bird!


Actually sharing our family recipes is a good idea, because seriously after I die the recipes of my great gramma from late 1800s will die with me. I am only one of the grandkids that my gramma shared information with because the rest of the family did not care. Historically good foods need museums


Well I was thrilled to see Ken’s Red mini hardy kiwi leafing out after the leaves it came with dried out. Since I didn’t water much and rain doesn’t reach there it can only mean one thing:
It grew deeper roots to find water. That’s what I wanted!

Likewise, I am feeling a bit better after seeing the Monrovia Star Jasmine growing new lush dark green leaves. It had nearly blossomed but the heat wave must have made it change its mind. Last year I planted one same location which promptly died. So I will not feel safe until next year I get a big plant with lots of fully open blooms.

I got problem that my kohl crops taste good to something. Cannot blame it, but I want it for myself and the bugs don’t pay me.

I finally got big enough stalks on my rhubarb to harvest five and now need a recipe. Not sure exactly why they hated growing big. One is several years old and I transplanted because I figured it was planted too deep with not as much water and light as I could give it.

When my sunflower seeds came up, they died. One survived that was inside a mason block. Really small head.

Sage was weeping due to heat. But it rained and today Pineapple Sage and White Sage are happy. Any ideas how to make foods with them?

Lots of tomato branches but not many tomatoes harvested yet. As others have said the wet spring and July made tomato season put off.

Nasturtiums made lots of seeds so I can plant again. They liked growing up the tree.

Some smaller strawberries still fruiting.

The Snow Queen passionflower is huge and did not die during winter snows. But the fruiting variety seems bug or slug eaten and puny even if dark green. Should I replant it?

Finally! A few scarlet runner beans are growing and I got red peeking from a bud. They are the best beans! Very sweet and thick. Dried they make good chili. But not growing well here.

No fruit this year, but the fIgs nearly died I had in containers (Olympic died, this Brown Turkey nearly died) but it looks great in this new container. The lemon tree that was in it died.

Blueberries do not taste big and sweet. Wrong varietyI guess. Sigh.

The white blueberry tastes best, not many berries but I transplanted it adding soil amendments and it looks a lot better now.

And I need to show the lone baby Fuyu Jiro persimmon.


Bob . . . your grapes are picture perfect! The green ones are almost translucent! You California people are so lucky ('cept for the earthquakes . . . and the fires . . . and some of the politicians !) . . . Seems like you can grow just about anything! It’s a struggle with most of the fruit, out here in the SouthEast. Mold. Bugs. Diseases. Heat. - - - Makes me want to head west! :blush:


David . . . you should do this. A Book! Really. And you are right . . . all that knowledge and memories and warmth - will be gone. I’ve compiled a recipe box with the original recipe cards, in their own handwriting - from grandmothers, moms, and even great grandmothers - from both sides of our family. Maybe, just maybe . . . someday . . . another ‘cook’ or ‘baker’ will be born in this family - who is interested in ‘more than a microwave’.
So . . . your book idea is a great one. Even just a few copies - printed and bound at ‘Office Max’ - and given as a holiday gift. Great Idea. Think I might tackle that one this year.


I posted this shot this morning - on the thread that is supposed to have just photos - no words. But . . . I couldn’t ‘not’ say that THIS GUY was my most important harvest today. !!! Oddly enough - it is only the 2nd hornworm we have had all summer. ??? Anyone know what is up with that?

Also . . .
@David_DeafGardening !
I got such a kick out of your Margaritaville Adirondack ‘hideaway corner’ . . . complete with beer bottle. (Assuming it is a beer bottle.)


Kevin: This is a great story. You are a gracious host, and I am sure it is an experience they won’t soon forget.

Glad to hear your harvest is bountiful.



We came to Lake George area on Friday and still here enjoying the lake. Absolutely beautiful. We couldn’t help picking some wild blue berries.