What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


This little mantis has been guarding this cluster of pears for over a week now. It hasn’t moved away so a lot of bugs must be attracted to these pears.


Blue but I don’t think blueberries


These are seeded Concord and seeded Catawba grapes. Similar enough that I do not recommend a small yard do both, pick 1. One ripens about two weeks before the other, and one is slightly more reddish, and depending on ripeness and rain one will taste more complex than the other…but only slightly. In Vancouver, Washington they ripen in Sept-October.


Why do you say that? They look like blueberries to me.


I’m 99.9% sure those are blueberries, what made you think otherwise?


Deer got to me while away on vacation.


I mentioned something awhile back about my mom from France and her dog.


It looks more like Berberis. The berries are similar but slightly more elongated, and some variety leaves are ovalish looking a lot like blueberries. They have vitamin c.


No, I think wild low bush blueberry.


Fine arbor!


Looks familiar! Great picture!


What’s happening is rabbits!


Dug up Russian Banana fingerlings - #8.5. NATurally I forgot to record how many I planted, either 1# or 2

A few had slugs into them, but we have a new population of toads in there.


We just got home after being away for a week. Came home to find some of the few fruits I had missing. I had one Harrow Sweet pear and it’s missing. 4 out of 8 Contender peaches I had wrapped in chicken wire is either missing or eaten. I’m thinking about picking the other 4. One in the picture looks pretty ripe but that was one of the bigger ones.


Unfortunately wrapping in chicken wire often doesn’t work. The thieves will be back. You could pick 2 of the 4 and hope the other 2 will last longer.


I decided to pick all the peaches after seeing more tries at stealing the four left. They are not ripe yet. Hopefully will ripen on the counter. These are my first ever peaches after planting the first peach tree I think 8 years ago. What a wait! Kids were happy to pick them. We got 2 perfect peaches and 2 with bite marks.


Regardless of bite marks they’ll be the best peaches you ever ate!


What got through the chicken wire to your peaches, squirrels or chipmunks. Chipmunks are small enough to go through those holes.

Sorry to hear about the damage these nasty animals caused you. My cluster of Shinseiki were gone. I suspected a groundhog grabbing thse low hanging pears.

By the way, peaches do not ripen any more after being picked. They will be softer but not riper.


Not as well as when on the tree but my experience is that they do ripen some once picked.


I don’t have chipmunks. So it has to be squirrels. Or birds. Not sure. Now I have 2 Korean Giants to protect until October. Early ripening fruits seem more appealing to me now. Less time to protect.