What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


Define “Better” - is it the one where you are struggling to get your chill hours? :grin:


It’s the better where fruit is higher quality and pests are greatly reduced. You’ve been here long enough to see the differences and they are much bigger than most beginners realize.


But colder not always mean worse, it means different :grin:


Not going to get any dormant spraying done today, either


Was out inspecting my sleeping trees- its still very much winter, here- and noticed a rabbit took off a sizeable branch of my Evans cherry. :angry: i just cant get the little devils under control. The branch was still there so i cut it into pieces to help me learn to graft with. The buds on it are quite large and it survived the polar vortex of -30 or so just fine as it is healthy and green inside!


wish i could even see mine. the banks are so high now my tractors blower has a hard time getting the snow over the top! hope it starts to melt soon!


I did the same thing today. It’s around 55 degrees and sunny. Very muddy as it’s melting couple of inches snow we got yesterday. Everything looks fully dormant. Peach tips show die back. In a week or so things should start to show signs of life. Last year around this time I had snowdrops flowering. Nothing this year. No spring in sight.


Unless you can prune and skate at the same time!


Just finished spraying copper, mineral oil and NuFilm. Rain forecasted for the weekend, so decided to take advantage of the warmth and sun to spray, even though my yard was a big swamp from all the melting snow (yesterday we got 4” of snow and today temp in low fifties).


My smallest tree is 100% under snow cover because its on the boulevard and the plows have been working like crazy! More snow this weekend too!!

@Susu punxatawny phil lied!


I’m taking a bit of a different approach to pruning this year. I just pruned my entire orchard and ended up making very few cuts. Mostly related to crossing limbs, rot, and a few limbs growing back into the tree center. I’m going to try to do more pruning this summer to try and control height and vigor. I was hoping to spray copper and dormant oil but didn’t get around to it.


I’m with Katie_didn’t_Z4b, almost. Knee deep on the boulevard, and a trudge to reach any trees.

Plus, it’s supposed to hit -6 F in the morning. BUT (big but) The days are longer, the sun is shining and change is in the air.

Not complaining, but it’s time and I’m ready.


Out in the orchard and first year for my Howard miracle plum to bloom and there popping. Probably started last month or dec we had a couple of sixty degree days.


I was considering doing some cuts now, but am worried it may still be a bit too early? I got out my hand pruners and sharpened them up and was doing some practice cuts on some random tree branches testing them out. I have been looking at my trees and planning on how I’m going to prune them. Have lots of work to do. Got the itchy fingers!

The last few days I’ve been out in the strawberry patch pulling out weeds from around my plants. It’s veey tedious work, plus painful, as I’m doing the work while squatting. Murder on the ankles and knees. Wish I had done a better job of weeding them last summer after the berry harvest.


where i blow my snow from the driveway is 12ft. high! i have to move the chute to the lower holes as its to high to blow over otherwise! another 12-14in. sun. and high winds.


My first born just lost her first tooth today! She’s been waiting for it for a while now. Tooth fairy set herself an alarm reminder to visit, in case she’d forget about the visit while waiting for the kid to fall asleep.


I’m taking the same approach. Limited pruning now, more pruning in the summer. I have to get these water sprouts under control on the apples and Bartlett Pear.


What’s the going price for a tooth in the Susu household? Our tooth fairy pays $1 and some magic gems.


Ours will pay 2 chocolate coins and 8 quarters (much better than dollar bills)
After reading yours I’m thinking maybe 2 chocolate coins and 4 quarters…:slightly_smiling_face:


Snow cover fading, I took an exploratory walk around the place yesterday. Everything is frozen solid, either dormant or dead - I’m betting on dormant. Grass that was still green in Jan is now dormant yellow as it emerges from the snow. Still too cold to spray, but I clearly have lots of time left.

Got a better look at the tree damage from Nov storm.