What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition




Good luck MrsG✌ have a safe trip. Looking forward to seeing your post of your new home from your from France


I found this on my tomato plant


All the best. Bon Voyage.


Best wishes in this new chapter Mrsg47! Travel safely, land softly, and live fully! We all look forward to your personal garden reports from France, and pictures of the new gardens around you.


Glad to hear the time has finally come, Mrs. G. It’s been a long road. Send us pictures.


A teaser… a friend sent this pic from the market yesterday!

Mam, I hope you are charging enough! These are over 9.00 a kilo!


I can’t charge the price I would like. I live among non adventurous fruit eaters.

I brought a small bowl of Mirabelles to work this morning. Out of 25 people at the meeting, 5-6 people tried it. That’s it. They loved my home grown watermelons. They know what those were. Some wondered if the orange one was cantaloupe.


Bon voyage!


Prune plums dropping. Picked same. Totally sound and rot free, thank you Indar.


More harvested fruit…

Rocha pear

Some apples

Red Flesh Baya Marisa apple


Picking the Gala apples today


Best wishes Mrs.G. Hope your transition goes well and I look forward to hearing from you again.


You will, I’m not leaving this great site and family! I will just contribute from France. Many of us are on the same latitude! Can’t wait to report!


Safe and fun jouney to you @mrsg47!


Today the Seckel pears. Only about 3 dozen, half runty and gnarly, but I THINK I got them at the right time. Maybe. Last nite I tried the test pear I picked earlier in the week, and it was good.

I note that the squirrels didn’t get into them this year, and now they don’t have the chance. Maybe it was the baffle, but I suspect a really determined squirrel could have jumped it.

I’ve had really no trouble with the squirrels this year. They don’t trouble me, I won’t trouble them.


My first pepino melon… 410g! :yum:


Good luck, post lots of pics. I am sure you will have much to teach us on some of the different ways they cultivate fruit. I look forward to learning more.


My husbands yearly battle to beat the squirrels has garnered him about 8 cups of wild hazelnuts. He enjoys doing this every fall so he can have some nuts to share with the grandkids at Christmas.


The best!!!