What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


So far, the lowest temp around here was 34-35 F, here and there.

Next Sat, it is supposed to go down to 32. That could be it.


HMMM? first snowstorm last night, power was off for about 10 hours but at least it was only -3C. Tomorrow it is time to run the cattle home.


So wild tasting ! So glad you like them!!! In the spring, april/may the Garriguettes will be ready for harvest! Xxoo


I planted a potted Flavor King a month ago and never protected it. The deer ate every leaf and some of the wood as expected, but I didn’t have time to fence it in. Now it’s flowering pushing the fruit buds.


got down to 22f last night and finished off my peppers that were left in the greenhouse. all done till’ spring. time to fire up the led in the grow room to grow a few herbs and things in there. keeps me going through the winter. :wink:


Picked the last Fuji apples - late for them

Picking the last green peppers today, with freeze coming on


Last round before the hard freeze image


What kind are they?


Northof53, your comment on bringing the cattle home brought back some old memories. I grew up in ND and we would bring the cattle in by Thanksgiving. One year we had great grass that cured standing and no early snow. We left them out until Christmas. Just days after bringing them home we had a blizzard. Back then there weren’t good forecasts over a couple of days out. We got lucky on that one.


TX ever bearing. And it appears a more green unknown version.


Took me few hours each sunday for the last 4 weeks to finish these raised beds. Need to fill 'em up with soil and get them ready for planting veggies next season.


My olives harvest today… tomorrow will continue!


What you going to do with them now?


Hi! When i finnished the olives harvest i will take them to make olive oil. :yum:


My lemon is blooming and I have a couple almost ready. I also have 4-5 limes that look really good


I have a hard time telling when limes are ripe


Me too. Mine seem to get much lighter when they are ripe. At least I think…


Some XXL feijoas… biger than some guavas! :blush:


My brother (who has lived in Japan and is making a career of Japanese history) says that it is definitely part high labor cost (almost everything, including rice, is grown on small family plots), but also exceedingly high standards. Imagine if every apple in the supermarket not only had to look perfect, but taste perfect as well. It also helps that they are more interested in eating foods in their peak season, rather than always having the same five apples available.


I sprayed dormant oil on my fruit trees today. I had to take leaves off of some trees. Still have to do a copper spray. But holding off on that until I buy a Nu Film. Spraying trees was a bit depressing today. I think I’m kind of discouraged that I keep caring for trees and not much fruit in return. This has to change soon…