What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


Hang in there Susu!


I hear you. Same here.


My first kaffir lime (Citrus histrix)…


Just finished planting out my new trees this year…grafts, seedlings, etc. I’M DONE!!! I don’t think I’m getting ANYTHING ELSE… for good!!



Yeah right :yum:


My harvest of today…




Good luck with that


Too late… I’ve ordered a peach and a plum but it was to replace losses… that doesn’t count! Right???

Here’s the last two fresh persimmons for the year—I do have some dried ones. They were amazing!


Exactly! :grin:

Such pretty pic, those look fabulous
I just got my first persimmon tree from Dax


What did you get?


Morris Burton :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It wasnt even a tree i knew by name at all. But im very happy to have it


It looks delicious


I’ve heard that is a good one.


Yeah i was looking at a yates but morris is fantastic from what i heard. I like havin some more obscure stuff!

What are u growing?


I have a bunch of kakis. In fact I have some duplicates that I’m going to offer up for sale or trade. I got some hybrids from Dax that are very small but made it through a hard summer last year. I’ll have to make up a list since I think I counted about 17 varieties that I have in the ground.


Are yr trees all bearing age? Bc wow, ton of persimmons


No, I have Eureka bearing for the second year. I have Tam Kam, Giombo, and Tecumseh that were grafted last year and the rest are young grafts. My young Kakis are Wase Fuyu, Hana Gosho, Maekawa Jiro, Itchi-Ki-Kei Jiro, Miss Kim, Saijo, Pen, Sheng, and Chinebuli. Hybrids I have are 100-46, 100-42, H63 A, and Dr Kazas. I’m not sure what I will do when they all fruit!!! Lol. Some of them are years from it and some might fruit next year.


Thats an impressive collection! Nice :sunglasses:


Loquats blooming, and what a scent! Butterflies, lady bugs, moths, and bees are all swarming