What's happening today 2020


Started the blueberry pruning today. The first 20 of 550 bushes done!


New fruit variety developing from second Candy Heart seedling planted two and a half years ago. The shape is very elongated, more so than Candy Heart parent.


Wow! How long does it take to prune them all?


That was considerate of them.


can’t even see mine yet.


Trying to cancel my Gurney’s order and feeling sad that I won’t get my Rubinette and Dripping Honey.

But my combo pear and Hosui are brightening up my day!


I hope they hang on for you. It will be very interesting. I wish my Candy Heart didn’t get girdled. The rootstock looks to be a red leafed peach.


My cover crops are growing strong and tumbling over to the front of my beds where I’ve planted my garlic. It is totally taking off now and I hate to cut it down, but it is time to make way for other things. I pulled a few of the winter peas and vetch plants up and the roots are covered in nitrogen nodules. I’ll definitely plant covers every year now. For the most part, they also smother out some of the winter/early spring weeds trying to take over.


Pear blossoms don’t disappoint! I just wish we could get some different colors.


I setup these Nancy Hall sweet potatoes about 10 days ago to start making slips. Looks like they survived the cold and their time in the USPS. Thanks @cousinfloyd !


Good one, my mom used to grow it.


Watching my Flavor bombs vine cherry tomatoes grow.


A nice floral spray my wife made yesterday from stuff around the farm. I don’t know what the yellow flowers are, but the evergreen sprigs are hemlock.

The yellow flowers are everywhere on the side of the hill down by the old house.


I don’t know the name in English but in German we call all flowers that look like this Osterglocken (easter bell)


Funny you mention that, but she calls them Easter flowers. They are usually the first to come up. Our peonies are starting to emerge as well.

Edit- I just looked them up, they appear to be daffodils. The other yellow blooms are forsythia.


We have them here as well. They are the most welcome spring flowers :heart_eyes:
EDIT: I didn’t even see the forsythia in there! :slightly_smiling_face:


Apples, blueberries, grapes, muscadines are all budding out here. Should have blooms on my apple trees soon. Well, all but my Honeycrisp tree. Honeycrisp just will not fruit here. Been wanting to chainsaw it down. Problem is that I had two pollenating trees die in the last two years so I am using the Honeycrisp tree to pollenate my Gravenstein and Winesap trees. So I guess Honeycrisp is good for something after all. :grin:


Daffodil, narcissus and jonquil


Here are the rest of my veggies that I started 2 weeks ago.


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