What's happening today 2020


they are daffodils
(the national flower of WALES).


Spent over an hour catalog the scionwood I have received.(did minimal scionwood exchange this year).

Then, I arranged them in order of grafting before putting them back in a fridge waiting for their grafting time.

Tried to be organized for once :grin:


First morels of the season… stumbled over these(literally) before I noticed them.
Walked the woods yesterday looking for some, as I’d seen reports that the black morels were up… and didn’t see a sign of any in the usual spots.
These are possibly the result of throwing washwater from batches gathered in years past into a likely spot at the head of the pond spillway gulley about 200 ft from the house.


Tapped some maples with the kids. One is dripping pretty fast!


My HC is four years old and has never bloomed, but it’s not one of my more vigorous trees, either.

Good to see my big Winesap tree looks like it has maybe some fruit buds on it. Last year it hardly leafed out at all, it’s got some kind of root issues. Probably because of all the rain we get.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of first-time fruit off my trees this year.


Are you going to spray your apple trees with anything before they bloom?


Just got mulch in on my side yard garden. Roughly 5 yards.


No, probably not. I had a fireblight strike on my Pristine apple last year. It was odd, it bloomed in April, set a couple fruit. Then in May one branch bloomed a bit, no fruit set. A couple weeks later it got that burnt look at the tips, which I assumed was FB. So, I cut that branch back quite a bit.

If they set fruit this year, I’ll probably use Surround (kaolin clay) to help keep plum curculio off them. I used it last year to good effect.

It looks like there are six apples that are showing some fruit buds that have never fruited before. Plus there’s one pear and all four of my peaches are blooming now, so barring the April freezes, we ought to have quite a bit of fruit this year. But, much too early to assume anything.


I have never used Surround. Is that available at the stores?


It would be an agricultural store that sells Surround WP (wettable powder). We don’t have such a storein my suburb area. I have always ordered them on line. Like this place


If you look around, you may find it cheaper somewhere else.


I got mine from Grow Organic, it was about $40, I think, but that was last year. It’s $44 now-

If I recall it was free shipping, or really low. It’s $15 shipping on all things under 40lb now.


Today I went to pick up a Harrow Sweet pear and Glenglo peach from Adams County Nursery. They are about an hour away from me. The office was very busy with a lot of employees buzzing around even on Saturday. I guess it makes sense since this is the time of year a lot of orders are getting shipped out. The trees were good quality as usual. The pear at 6 feet tall, peach was well feathered at 4 1/2 feet.


You’re lucky duck to be that close to ACN. Did you order on line or call to order.

When it is time to replace my peach tree, one of them will likely be a Glenglo.


Hi Tippy. I ordered online and then selected the pickup option when checking out. I had never been there previously and wanted to visit to see how it is. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I had previously ordered a nice Shinsui pear from them that grew vigorously so I wanted to continue to support a local business. Their varieties seem to be especially selected for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.

I got to taste Glenglo at a local farm. It was a very nice peach ripening sometime in July here from what I can remember. I think it was from the farm I recommended to you. They label their rows and varieties so we know what we are eating.

I picked Harrow Sweet because everyone says it is precocious, tastes good, ripens easily without effort, and resists fire blight.

It was nice picking up the trees there since they are not pruned to fit into the box. That way, I can prune them the way I want.


I got a HS from them 3 years ago. It hasn’t grown a lot since then, it’s about 5-6ft tall and spindly. But, It actually set a pear last year. It didn’t stay long, I don’t think it dropped, I imagine it was nabbed by a critter. It’s still early, but it looks like it may have a couple fruit buds on it this year.

I also bought a Contender peach from them along with the HS. Both trees had a good thickness (about 3/4 inch), and very good roots. I wish all my bare root trees had been that nice.


Do you think it’s the rootstock or just the variety that’s not so vigorous? My Harrow Sweet is on OHxF87. I see varying amounts of vigor in my yard from different varieties. OHxF87 grows Asian pears at a moderate pace, and brings them to fruiting the year after planting. This will be my first Euro pear as its own tree and not a graft on something else.

I agree on the nice roots. The bareroot tree I got from them previously, established much better than bareroots from other nurseries.


My HS is on the same rootstock. I don’t have another pear on it, so I can’t say what it’s like. My tree is in a bit of a wet spot, or I should say, water can collect around the base after a long rainy spell. So, that probably doesn’t help.

@clarkinks could maybe comment on that rootstock’s vigor.

Yeah, my Contender is my biggest peach, at least 8ft tall, and maybe 6ft across limb wise. I have two other peaches a year older, and it dwarfs them. But it’s in much better soil, too. It’s shape is somewhat open vase, but still too upright in my opinion.

It has set a lot of fruit buds this year, and has started to bloom. First year for that, but we gotta get through these spring freezes first.


Got some wires up for the grape, raspberry, and blackberry trellis. The taller wires for the raspberries are probably set too high.
Got some more work done on the raised beds for the garden, only one more bed!
Got a red flesh dragonfruit and plotting a spot for it.
And installed a gutter for the chicken feed so they don’t kick it around so bad.


snapped up a red fleshed dragon fruit at the nursery
And looking forward to berriesUploading: 8D22EC91-9E28-4656-8B7E-773D672D6F6F.jpeg... Uploading: 57456CC7-8815-4DDE-87F1-9CEF9D9B8D65.jpeg… Uploading: 9D12F51C-B8A5-49DA-BA52-DD95E46EF883.jpeg… Uploading: 240878AF-DEEB-4DDA-8007-F5814977795B.jpeg… Uploading: 607E755E-0F91-49DD-9F07-981B8EB2FF1A.jpeg… Uploading: EDC258DF-C830-42DB-9A7F-CF2486324C9B.jpeg…


@subdood_ky_z6b @PharmerDrewee @mamuang harrow sweet can runt out 87 quickly if you dont keep blooms pinched off. It might bloom this year!