What's happening today 2020


Blooming: Simontornyai Veralma, Redfield, plus Granny Smith has one bloom open.
Braeburn and Anoka are about a week away. Most are still farther off, actually…but 3 days in the 70’s will be pushing them. Winesap barely showing fruit buds. Ditto my “not Macintosh”. And Wolf River isn’t.

Niedwetzkyana has buds but the red/pink flowers isn’t showing yet. Ditto for Odysso.

Many 2017, 2018 and 2019 grafts aren’t big or old enough for blooms. And, trees that are old enough but don’t seem to have any blooms this year include a couple seedlings, plus Campfield, Camack Sweet, and Grimes Golden. (But a stray cluster may be hiding and not obvious yet,that could include Hudson’s Golden Gem).


That’s considerably less area than a 5’ radius tree. For a 2.5 radius tree I’d go with 1/4 pound of your 27-0-0. You can always gauge the tree growth give more later if you aren’t happy with the growth. Split applications are common with fruit trees.
I’m basing these recs somewhere close to 100 lbs. of N per acre. That is a 5’ radius tree covers about 100 sq. ft. and a 2.5’ radius is 25 sq. ft. Of course the area of a circle is actually less than a square, but I just did a quick and dirty calculation. Trees aren’t perfect circles anyway, so it doesn’t have to be that precise. We aren’t talking about engineering here.


Pictures from last evening, my Stark Sweetheart apricot. Blooming a full 3 weeks before our last frost date. This is normal bloom time for this tree here for me.


Most states have, but one should check - Maine, iirc, has not.


In the scion topic I said I had a simple method for recording what scion I grafted. Well, it wasnt simple. Now I have lots of colorful tape flying like flags from trees in addition to my other marking methods. I’m going the Frankentree route. Scion placement.pdf (616.9 KB)
My diagram has gotten so complicated Im not sure it is of any help. I am SO thankful for others who have sent me scions to graft, and really excited to see how they do. Not requesting so many next year, though.


Kentucky did extend it a couple months, so nothing due until July 15.

I got most of the Federal returns done, but am getting stymied by how to do the HSA part of it. I’ve always done my/our taxes, and never had a hard time with it, but this part is confusing. A neighbor of mine does taxes on the side, so I may give her a call.


Saw more bees hitting my peach blossoms, so guess they got the word. Nice to see another sign of spring. It’s a very nice day, sunny and 74, so need to get out there and take advantage of it.


It has been such a warm March I’m tempted to put a few peppers and tomatoes in the ground early. I can see at least a few of my seedlings are tired of waiting as well. I might be harvesting a few peppers by the end of April!


Do you spray the blooms with a fungicide if it rains during bloom?


Shelter in place = glorious time to work outside.

Converting old dog kennel I found under a mountain of oriental bittersweet into a greenhouse

Found this cool antique pony driving cart in another thicket.


Saw these black marks on the leaves of many plants and freaked out for a second before remembering my neighbor’s elderberry tree and birdies attracted to it…


So my kids saw a video on YouTube where a guy made a Chick-fil-A pizza. Of course everyone likes Chick-fil-A and since my kids and family have been couped up I ran out to pick up some supplies to replicate the recipe.

Basically it’s a pizza crust with Chick-fil-A sauce instead of pizza sauce, waffle fries and Chick-fil-A nuggets. Topped with mozzarella cheese. Lol.

Not a healthy treat but one that we all needed. Honestly though, it was very good but the flavors of Chick-fil-A get muddled and and a little lost.


I don’t spray anything during bloom. I do spray fungicides regularly during the growing season, and for a leaf curl spray, which gives residual protection against blossom blight,imo.


Putting chicken on pizza is against the law in many places you should check your local codes for possible violations!


We moved a Pakistan mulberry from a spot closer to the house to the farthest fearing invasive roots. I did a poor job of digging and cut the roots quite shallow. The transplanted tree still woke up and to make things worse I grafted many varieties on it :slight_smile: Finally, I decided to be nice and clipped off most of the fruits to let the tree spend more energy getting established!



Peach bloom, I let the rootstock grow out after the FloridaCrest succumbed to FL weather… peaches were small and bland last year, if they aren’t better this time around this will be a plum tree next year :rofl:
Can anybody identify this by the bloom? I’m guessing probably nemaguard, but It’s pretty anyway.


I’m making that pizza


If there are any leaves growing on those branches,that are newly grafted,they should be removed also.Then more energy will go into them.bb


Aborted Babies!