What's happening today 2020


We had an early hard freeze in fall last year. I guess they weren’t fully dormant. They got knocked back quite a bit.


Many of the grocery store potatoes are treated so they WILL NOT sprout and grow.
That’s why you need un-treated ‘seed potatoes’ to plant.


Sorry, I should have stated that they were seed potatoes instead of just potatoes. I purchased them from a garden center…


Finally got my tractor tires fixed up and the batteries charged, so I took advantage of the good weather and got my plowing done today. One real big plot (abt 30 x 60 ft), and two other small ones (abt 20 x 30 ft). Glad to get that out of the way, now I’ll wait a week or so before I disk them.


Finally finished weeding, fertilizing and filling in some low spots with soil in my raspberry run. Looking a lot better than a week ago. Even the leaves look like they’ve taken on a deeper shade of green, guess getting rid of competitive weeds helps.

Looking south, varieties from right are Prelude, Eden, Killarney (summer red’s), Anne, Fall Gold (fall yellow’s)-

Looking from other end, Mac Black, Bristol (black rasps), Caroline, Nova. Black rasps don’t tend to sucker like other varieties-

Also, a pic of the big garden patch that was plowed today. Ahh, freshly turned sod…


My very last . . . (honest !!!) . . . 6 pomegranates arrived from Rolling River, yesterday. Very delayed, due to Covid. I opened the box as soon as they came, and they were dry as a bone. They appear to be OK, however. No leaf loss. I gave them a good soak.

Hope to get them planted this weekend. They are fairly spindly and small - but they are going out in the orchard! Sink or Swim.

Sumbar / Suhr-Anor / Sweet / Kazaki / Sirenevyi / and Sogdiana


This is the first year I haven’t bought anything. I’m still going to do some grafting of my own scions to new rootstocks though. I planted crab apple seeds from an apple in a box store parking lot four years ago that have grown to six foot tall that I’m top working over to Granny Smith and Mutsu. Top working 20th century to Korean Giant.


Poppies are starting to pop up everywhere! Too bad we can’t take pictures of the

fields of them!


I top worked a couple Bradford pear seedlings with fruiting pears. Seems to have worked well, and I’ll plan to do more in future years.


I hope they come through their long and dry transport OK. Good luck with them!


Aka Opium in the far east?


I just bought some blue mason bees, straws & cobbled a little house to hold the straws. Apple bloom begins today.

Life is good.


If I ever get to your (opposite) corner of the States, I’ll have to bring some of my apples to swap tastes with your pomegranates. Had no idea poms were so numerous - & discernibly different to your experience & taste buddies?


These are too small.:crazy_face:


Opium, it makes the bee’s work faster. They were slacking off to much.My bee’s are unionized.
Check my fancy garlic plants just now, doing pretty good, they like high nitro early and again today. Got 2 lots each about a hundred, enough for 2 people? Have several friends and neighbors to share.


@NuttingBumpus . . . someday - if I end up with more pomegranates than I know what to do with - I promise to send you a box of them! I was shocked to find out just how many varieties of pomegranates exist, as well! They are an ancient fruit - so people have been ‘working with them’ for centuries.
When I first tried to plant one - the choices were slim. Remember ‘Michigan Bulb’ - whose catalog came with the weekend newspaper? They sold every kind of fruit - with promises that they would all grow in ‘your area’! NOT. But, I bought my first one from them. (and of course it died!)
So, I kept trying until finally - (I just about fainted!) - to see some little pomegranates on a bush that had been growing for years with no fruit. Then . . . I just got a ‘wild hair’ to see if I could grow any other variety besides ‘Wonderful’. And - here I am with 22 varieties.
They have taste tests in CA. That would be fun, but I guess that I’ll have to do my own!


Bob, do you let them flowers and collect the seeds in the fall?


No,no, I save the biggest cloves for next year. When the plant form seedspots I cut them off, bigger cloves.
Oops, l ment planting this fall, September.


No wonder your bees don’t like you…cutting all their garlic blooms off!


Hey Blueberry, I give them more, they know what to do with.