What's happening today 2020


You’re really ahead of me… I have flower buds on persimmons but none open. I have several persimmons that haven’t broken bud…Fuyu is one of them. I know…persimmons are weird…:flushed:


There isn’t much depth there,unless they’re filling up the insulator box in back of the cover.bb


It’s a weird year. My figs aren’t completely awake. Only growth from the lower portions of the trunks. Everything else is wide awake. There was a hard freeze that hit before everything was in dormancy last fall and I think it might have knocked my figs back quite a bit.


All I know is that I have to dig the stuff out of the ground plug hole every year to use the receptacle. I have started using face plates with covers inside, but haven’t swapped them all out. Wonder if it’s Mud daubers that are doing it? I’ve always assumed it was the Mason bees.


Yes, you’re right. Our first (early) frost at the end of October was down to <20 degrees. I’ve never seen that before. Maybe that’s why my figs look like freeze damage when the winter was not bad at all. I really hadn’t thought about how damaging that would have been.


3-4” of spring snow.


Thanks to the 50s temp yesterday that thawed all the 5 1\2 inches of snow the night before. Now the 60 degrees temp is back today and in the foreseeable future so all the 150 potted figs are heading back outside today and replanting all the Flavor bombs cherry tomatoes, Kumato, and Atomic grape cherry tomatoes again. Good workouts instore for me.




Received a Zestar Apple tree from Fedco this am. Biggest tree I’ve received in mail yet. It was 5’5” tall before the roots started. Have to plant it out at my mil’s house as I’m out of space. Beautiful tree though and thanks fedco.


Put on the first spray for apple scab


William’s Pride from Rain Tree nursery trying to put out some flowers its first year in the ground.

Potted up some fig cutting I stuck in a pot during late fall.


Wow. I received a square box, not more than 18 inches in all directions, probably more like 15 or 16,
that’s what my tree from FEDCO was shipped in. The little guy was obviously 2 years old, and feathered. and still on the bent side from being curled up in the box. Put it in a 3 gallon container, and pot and plant both are a little taller than a 2-foot level/measure stick.

Considering the small size…don’t know why they didn’t send it with the B118 rootstocks two weeks earlier?


Dang. :confused: guess it’s a crapshoot, seems there are good and not so good reviews on every nursery.

Sure would be nice to live close enough to one of them to hand pick items.


I’m over the deep end now for sure. I spent a bit of time tonight cutting anthers off of some wild plums I’ve forced in the bathroom window to collect pollen to pollinate my Toka plum. I could only take about 30 minutes of it before I went half-blind.


Eyestrain ><


First blooms of the year - the Harcots. Lookslike the 3rd leaf nect will be right behind. Alas, this means no apriums again this year, they’re always a week ahead of the Harcots.


Planted my potatoes back on April 6 because the potatoes were going bad and I was concerned they would not germinate. Well, 2 of them haven sprouted. I read somewhere that it takes 14-28 days for the potatoes to sprout so I guess that is about right. Found out that my potatoes are the Yukon Gold and Red Pontiac varieties.


Thats a great picture


Im on the DL for a few days. Pulled the big muscle that runs from sternum to skull base. OW. Im staring at framing i need to finish for greenhouse and wire i have to get up on duck house snd yard.
I did go out with my hand axe using my good arm and murder some rosa multifloras that sprang up


Huge set back with a few of my fig trees. They would usually be fully leafed out by now. Had to cut them way back unfortunately. Hopefully with the established roots, they’ll shoot up quickly and still make me some figs.

Adriatic JH

Ronde de Bordeaux

Italian Honey, Saint Rita, Celeste, Italian Honey, Adriatic JH


Why did your have to cut your figs back? I grow mine as multistem bushes. Tree forms don’t do well in my marginal climate.