What's happening today 2020


Mine aren’t blooming yet


The weather is finally nice enough to bring out some more delicate plants I had indoors. These young figs were forgotten about and rooted late last year. They were too tender to let go dormant and had to spend the winter by a semi-sunny window. Hopefully, they perk up soon living outside.


@mrsg47 Here is one of several patches I have in my shady backyard. Do I need to dig a few up and pot them for inside to get the luck? Or can I cut some nice flowers from them for a vase inside? I need to make sure not to miss out on any opportunities for good luck!

Probably just weeding them is a good start.


I can see that they’re blooming - just pinch off a dozen stems and put them into a little little vase


Looks like my apple grafts are ready to plant out. If we could just get past these cold nights.


We had a weird year last year with our apple trees. For some reason, hardly any of them bloomed. They made up for it this year.


A lot of apples have biennialing tendency. I wonder if your tree suffered biennialing last year.

Also, many apples do well in zone 6 but on an extra cold year, a variety like William’s Pride had its fruit buds killed.


Just snip and sniff! Good luck all year! Also you can give sprigs to friends. I received one as a gift. Here it is!


The ribbon says I bring good luck!


If you thin one year, it helps with that biennial tendency the next


My first experience with fireblight ;( It was only a matter of time. Hope the tree survives


Is that a fresh graft, too? Bummer!


yes, got paranoid and removed 3 branches with 3 grafts. Before throwing into the trash, I got some solace by unwrapping the grafts and seeing they heeled well

I do have some redundant grafts, so didn’t lose any variety as such.


If those pictures are current then your apples are blooming late. I’ve already thinned my little apples some which is as big around as a quarter. Looks like I may even have some Honeycrisp apples. First in ten years since the tree has been planted. Hope the varmints don’t get them!

What varieties are your apples?


So that’s how you get 100% of your grafts to take?

I did mine outside, in cold and in hot…just not in the rain. And got 88-90%.


BlazingStar putting a happy face on our late spring

and Clayton giving its best shot:


Oh, I’m sure I’ll have some failures! I have 2 tubs of these, total of 233 trees to plant out (not sure I have enough space in the nursery bed). It’s easiest to put them in tubs with drain holes and potting soil and wait for the nursery bed to warm up. Night time temps are still forecast for sub-freezing, but nothing drastic. I think I can plant them out anytime now. I’m encouraged that the G.890’s are taking. I’ve had disastrous results with G.210 in the past. Getting them planted out will be the true test.


Wow. Peaches early in the year - in Alaska! :sunglasses:


can’t even grow them here! I’m jealous! i love peaches.


Ducklings are here!
Cream indian runner, two choc runners, blue swede.
The two pekins i just adopted yesterday (‘easter’ ducklings)
Flowers around one of my sons memorials
Put down the deposit on our nigerian dwarf doe. She kids end of the month and we are buying them along with her

Duck ppl: anyone have experience with worming strategies? Corid? Apple cider vinegar?