What's happening today 2020


My newly planted tomato patch. Going to use the Florida weave staking method. Better Boys and Parks Whoppers -


Maybe a little late. It’s been cold here. That’ll be nice if you get some Honeycrisp, especially since you haven’t gotten any from that tree in 10 years. :slight_smile:

I have a (more than one of most of these varieties): Sundance, Liberty, McIntosh, Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Goldrush, Gravenstein, Jonathan, Wolf River, Pixie Crunch, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Sweet 16 and a few others that I can’t remember what they are and the tags got lost. I also grafted Akane and Enterprise to unknown root stock (dug them up from one of the other apple trees) and they look good so far.


Today I visited a local fellow that sells lots of figs and various less commonly grown fruit. Came home with a couple figs and a tea plant. It’s great seeing a hobbyist building a business like this in my neck of the woods.


This week’s table bouquet (the background is french tarragon):


White paeonia…


Farmgirl ,that’s very artsy. Love French tarragon. Good luck in your business.


Thanks so much for the encouragement! That put a smile on my face. :slight_smile:


I know exactly where you were. I’ve gotten a number of figs off of Bill.


Yeah! It’s a great place and he’s super nice and informative. I appreciate local knowledge to what pertains to my particular fruit growing climate. I also enjoyed looking at all the plants before purchasing, because I’m one of those people who likes to browse.


I’ve thought of getting a tea plant if it can be grown inside


Could you be able to give info of his business. When we travel to PA, we could find a reason to stop by.


Here you go Tippy. I think it’s relatively near that peach orchard you visited last year.


Tea can definitely be grown as a houseplant. Just make sure the roots aren’t too dry or overwatered. A loose, well aerated growing medium that drains well is best.


Thank you. We have relatives in Steven, PA whom we stop by to see every summer (not sure about this year, though).




Digging to put in metal roofing raised beds…no more bent over weeding/weeds running up aisles for me…lots of shoveling in my future though


All the potted plants have budded out and a lot are fully leaved out. They all have to go back inside yet again for the approaching cold front.



Straw Strawberries

Lotus from seeds

Pakistan Mulberries

Pawpaws and jujubes row

Just mowed the lawn


How old is your Pakistan mulberry, Tony? Also, how big of a pot do you maintain it in? Looks more productive than mine.


3 yrs old field bark grafted to a large wild Mulberry rootstock and dug up and potted in a 20 gallons pot. I got 3 of them. Scions were from Raf. All three are very productive. 6 feet tall.