What's happening today 2020


Good choice. Here is Koda. She is a saint mastiff.(St Bernard X Mastiff cross)

At twelve years old she is getting a little old and frail, but still has no problem keeping the wildlife away. I think that the size of her dog house is enough to keep bad people away.(she’s 100 lbs plus). Between you and me she is a bundle of love and you could steal anything you want as long as you stopped to give her some attention. Which is perfect, I don’t want a mean dog.


Half the batch from the first day of harvesting Santa Rosa plums


God that is adorable.
Probably the best gift you could give your kid. Mastiff puppies smell the best too, my girl dog is 1/4 bullmastiff.


Walked through my orchard yesterday and made an effort to find a single piece of fruit growing. I literally can’t find a single thing that survived that hard frost last month except for blueberries. Not a single apple, peach, plum, cherry…nada…


Those look amazing. I can’t wait until mine start producing.


So sorry to hear that.


Speedster, that happened to me in RI a couple of years back. I,hardly had anything but a few apples. I was so upset, I let the squirrels eat the apples. The following year I had buckets of fruit. Mother Nature is one tough cookie ! Hang in there !


@chinook, our first bull mastiff years ago when our first two kids were young was by far the best dog we have ever had and was very gentle. The boys would get on her back and ride her like a horse and also use her as a step to climb on the counter and she never even picked her head up. It was a easy decision to get another.


Well hay, all the stress is over for a year.


Sorry Dave. Very disappointing.


This tree is decades old, maybe even 30-40. I can’t take the credit since the original owner planted and grew it nicely, but I sure do enjoy the fruit! The plums have been dropping like crazy, literally right before my eyes, and I keep hearing more drop whenever I’m in the garden. Trying to harvest as much as I can.
Santa Rosa plums grew nicely in the heat here (Sacramento area - 9b). Very juicy and sweet, with good size despite little thinning. The skin can be a bit bitter but not too bad


Goof grief!!! I am so sorry to hear that- I can’t even imagine a whole year without any tree fruit at all. Honestly, Dave, between this and your difficulties with cherries, you may be the only one here with worse luck than me! ha. I remember not to long ago you were almost ready to just throw in the towel and I’m sure this has you considering it again! I sure hope not. We like you around here and certainly want you to keep fighting. Sorry for your bad luck my friend.


Thanks Kevin. Frustrating for sure. Especially considering input the new deer fence up and was prepared for that threat. I felt it in my bones the morning of that brutal frost. I knew it was going to be bad.

I’m down but not out. Will try again next year. In the meantime, my only concern is summer pruning. Lol


My sweet potato slips are taking their sweet time getting to size. I was hoping they’d be ready to plant out by this weekend, but no such luck. I think I need to start a week or two earlier or use a heat mat to jumpstart them.


Just an observation locally…but this is one of the worst years for Rose Chafers (they are like Japanese Beetles but found on sandy soils and earlier then JBs)… The past few years i haven’t even messed with them because the populations have been light…not this year. I also get a few Japanese Beetles so i’ll be interested in seeing if those are thick too…


A fig I thought I lost during the winter resurrected from the roots! It was dried out this spring so I tossed the fig, pot and all into a “reject corner.” What a pleasant surprise to find a lush, green shoot growing when I was walking around the yard.


Cool cloud formations this evening while checking on the new irrigation in the peach orchard…


Your orchard is beautiful!


I call it: Grape Enjoying a Sunset. :yum:


Beautiful orchard !