What's happening today 2020



What nicely-shaped peach trees!


Thanks! I have to say that I love pruning…I think of it as artistry more than a job that has to be done every season.


I have to say that I really hate pruning… not because of the job it is but because I am NOT the least bit artistic!!! Your trees are beautiful!!


What variety of grape?


Don’t want to the bearer of bad news, but saw some Japanese beetles for the first time on my brambles the other day. Ugh, they’re def not welcome.


Saw 5 groundhogs enjoying my backyard today. One even pulled the top of a plastic bird bath down so it could have a drink.


Good luck with those!




Well, I haven’t seen any of those, but something has been in my backyard strawberry patch and has pretty much swiped all my berries. I didn’t have lots of fruit to begin with, we were just harvesting maybe a handful every day for a week or so. Don’t know what did the pilfering, maybe deer, but probably birds. So, that seems to be the end of my June bearing strawbs this year.

I planted a row of Seascape everbearers last month, and they’re doing well. They’ve been blooming for a while, but I’ve been pinching the blooms off until they get more established. I weeded and fertilized them last week, I’ll let them start producing maybe next month.


Birds tend to peck holes in them. Are the entire berries disappearing at once?


There hasn’t been any pecking damage that I can see, but, yeah whole berries are disappearing. I’m thinking maybe deer because I also saw leaves nipped off various plants. I have a fishing line fence around the patch, but still have had damage.


Do you have coons?


I haven’t seen any in a while, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have them. Something damaged a latched plastic container that had cat food in it a couple weeks ago, which could have been a coon

I see lots of possums around here, does that sound like something they’d do, along with stealing strawbs?


I covered some of my strawberries to keep the birds from pecking them but the chipmunks are still munching.


Frontenac Gris. I look back on when I bought it and shake my head because I am not a wine drinker and … it’s a wine grape. Why did I do that? Who knows. The grape itself is pretty so that’s my guess.

I put in somerset and reliance this spring which have better prospects of being useful as more than jb magnets for me.


For everyone . . . but especially @Anne !
This is pretty hilarious. :rofl: (Until it’s YOUR garden!) :grimacing:



Harvested scapes today. Thankfully all my meetings are on zoom today, I now smell a little pungent :laughing:


Got the Cherrymat out.


Did you get a good harvest?