What's happening today 2020


Picked berries from 2 honeyberry bushes today, because they were ripe and I needed their cover for the blueberries. Also caught one junior groundhog.


Pretty good. The dry weather kept the fruit from cracking and I got most of the cherries before the birds did.


Glad to hear your getting them.


They’ll be the last of my fruit until the end of August


Weeding out the older part of the nursery bed so I can re-mulch. And I hauled 400 gal of water to the new grafts.


Picked 25 lbs of Sweetcrisp blueberries, 10lbs Polar Gem nectarines, and 45lbs of Flavor Supreme pluots for Nai’s berry farm. I have never had so many Flavor supreme pluots, banner year. I probably can pick another 50lbs.These were all picked and sold on Saturday, they may have some pluots and blueberries left, if you are in the area.


My Flavor Supremes are usually darker than that at peak/soft ripe. Are these a bit early?


To me they are perfect, firm ripe, almost crisp, but wonderful flavor and average 22 brix. I think here I can get away with firm ripe fruit without compromising flavor. Also, for market they must be somewhat firm, soft ripe fruit spoils faster. Here is a pic of how I prefer these fruits…


This is mine from last year, amazing flavor, brix was above 22, but can’t remember exact number, this was picked soft ripe. Here in the east, we cannot normally get such high brix with firm ripe fruit.


Nice, looks very good! You are right, you need to ripen to soft ripe there to get the brix up. The one cut above green and firm was 26 brix. If I wait for soft rope the fruit gets too sweet and there can be off flavors. But I do let them get a little more red and they are still very good. I like the texture of firm fruit, kinda like sweetcrisp blueberries. Here is a soft ripe FS that to me was too sweet with slightly off flavor. At work on the fishing boat so no way to check brix, probably over 30 though, and only took one bite before grabbing a green one.


Got the bird net up on my patriot blueberries for the first time this year and am amazed at how many berries we’re getting on the second year bush

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Eversweet pomegranate in bloom


That’s a perfect looking one for me… :blush:


If only we lived closer!!!


That is an impressive haul of blueberries!


All 3 sides for dinner from the garden. I wish I had grown the steak fingers but oh well.


Thinned lemon guavas today. Very prolific setter. Trying to thin early this year to see if it has an effect on the size


What is the size of the plant and average diameter of the fruit last year?bb


It’s a bush, probably less than 3x3x3 feet. The fruits are the size of cherries. Last season info here - Growing different varieties of Guava


I don’t thin mine, they are allways big…


Little bush raspberry has very tasty berries . . . but so far ‘one at a time’. :rofl:

Sweet Slice cucumber - I like this one. Also growing Burpless Beauty. Giving it support as tall as I can this year - just to see how high it will grow!