What's happening today 2020


Bird netting is the ‘ticket’!!! I have had blueberry bushes for years - and would only get a handful. Put the netting up this year - and BINGO.

Those are really pretty berries!


Pics from another forum. This is the size I’m hoping to get to


Given up on the strawberries, let the sap beetles have the rest


Terrace is now planted and love watering in the morning shade. Gets afternoon sun and plenty of heat. The trees have all taken. But… due to transplant stress, there is s small amount of gummosis taking place on the Mirabelle and Apricot. In all they are sprouting new leaves and the Lemon is starting to bloom.

What is interesting is all of the trees from the botanic nursery come with a three-five year guarantee .


Looks very nice and also easy to take care of! I like your pots. What trees did you plant?


Thanks. Had the lawn with trees in the past. This is a lot easier ! A white peach, mirabelle, two apples, one lemon and one apricot. All grow well here. :blush:


Looking good! Really like the espalier, its so cool looking!


First passiflora edulis flower of the year


Finished weeding out the old section of the nursery bed and got it re-mulched, one Trug full at a time. Looks like I got this done just in time to start working on the new section… argh.


Today I was out in the sun too long.


Had to pull out one of my German Johnsons. Had all sorts of problems . . . aphids. wilt. curled leaves. no fruit set. Can’t figure it out . . . because the one right next to it seems to be fine, so far . . . . .

So, I went to Home Depot to pick up another variety to pop into the ‘dead one’s’ place. They hardly had a decent tomato left. Better Boys for $26.00 !!! (big ones) I got a Cherokee Purple and a Celebrity - which I wasn’t too thrilled with. But the others didn’t sound too terrific.

Next year I think I may have to stick with the disease resistant varieties. I’m disappointed - because I was looking forward to breaking out of the Burpee/Bonnie mold and going ‘Heirloom’.


Johnny’s and Territorial list disease resistance for their tomato seeds. I can’t grow any herilooms due to disease. I concentrate on Verticillium and Fusarium resistant varieties and generally have good luck.


Looks good Andy! That’s a lot of work! I have run out of mulch material for awhile so am just weeding the same areas over and over again. :frowning:

@PomGranny, I hope Celebrity does OK for you. That is my standard hybrid canning tomato. Prolific, pretty disease resistant, an acceptable slicer when the heirlooms don’t pull through. I only tried GJs one year. They didn’t make it through the season for me either.


Mine too. And I actually like their taste. Makes me a tomato trash but I plant them every year. I usually have lousy luck with Heirlooms. I planted Madam Marmande this year in containers and they have been fantastic. However I still like to eat my Celebrity :flushed::flushed::flushed::joy::joy::joy:


Picked some prime ark freedom blackberries yesterday. Depending on the berry they varied form very sweet and delicious to a bit tart. Also, a picture from a walk earlier today. Foothills around Boise.


Boy am I jealous at that.


Any neighbors?


Bought a brown colored grafting gel/paint. The bottle comes with its own brush making it very easy to apply. This special paint is to take care of my wounded/ semi-gnawed new lemon tree. The color is an exact match to the bark! Also ordered transparent tree guards from England. Should be here next week. Keeping an orchard, regardless of how small, takes work and a lot of paying attention to details ! France and England have clever tools and products for the orchard, and the likes of more grafting knives than you can imagine.


I like Celebrity too! They produce so many tomatoes per plant, and are the best for my soil type and conditions here.
I prefer some of the heirlooms for slicers, but really, any home grown tomato is hard to beat! I haven’t heard of Madam Marmande before. I will look into that one. Is it disease resistant?


@KSprairie . . . WHAT am I going to do with all of those seeds??? I will still try some of those next year!