What's happening today 2020


@PomGranny- I was thinking the same thing!!! So sorry!! :weary:
Maybe if it’s possible, you could grow the heirlooms in a different area than the hybrids? This might keep any potential disease spreading from heirlooms to hybrids?


I did not take a photo . . .
We had a thunderstorm this past week that brought some needed rain in the middle of a hot spell. Afterwards, I saw that half of my Indian Free Peach had just split off. :scream:
I tried to clean up the area of the break - but it’s pretty ragged.

That poor tree! This is the second ‘disaster’ to befall it. I had to cut it back, drastically after its first year. And it came back, ‘short but beautiful’. I’m not sure that it will survive this second injury.


A conjoined twin cucumber happened in my garden.

I’ve seen lots of tomatoes like this . . . but never a cucumber.


@k8tpayaso and @KSprairie - I am glad to hear that Celebrity is ‘not that bad’. I always thought that it was a ‘commercial’ tomato. Guess not. I’ll look forward to seeing how we like it. :tomato:


The three tomatoes in the center are Marmande. The ring is Celebrity. None of these are the largest of the season as mine are well into ripening and the first ones are always the largest. I did have some nice Marmande and yes they are more disease resistant which is why I chose to try them. I grow some very large Celebrities that I really feel bad about cutting up for freezing or canning because they are so beautiful but there is more than I can eat and I’ve taken bags of them to co workers.


Cucumbers are starting to come in. Dragons egg on the left, I forget what’s in the middle, right is h-19 little leaf


Halfway thru 3 weeks in the 90s. I went out yest and today and got in all the lettuce that would fit in my fridge and the backup fridge

Today’s salad proves I didn’t leave it too late. Of course they’re all heatproofed varieties.


Maybe someone already asked this question over the years . . .
but does anyone know what this bug is? It looks like part hummingbird, part lobster, part butterfly. I saw one today, on my phlox.


It’s a Hummingbird Moth. We get them too.


Strangest creatures that I see in my ‘gardening adventures’! Thanks for the info.


Katie, Dragons Egg - very cool! Love your tablecloth too!

Great tomatoes! Mine are just starting to turn red. I put in a lot of beefy ones and they are slowpokes. I’ve never seen Marmande - I’ll have to look them up.


If I read right…Hummingbird Moths are mature Tomato Hornworms. I don’t look at them quite as lovingly anymore.


Methley plums are almost there! The tree has many plums on it and I put a net over it to keep out varment.

Completely organic with three sprays of Surround, sulfur, and spinosad. Tastes delicious.


I was seeing a lot of aphid damage so I sprayed the nursery bed and the trees around the house today. 5 tanks (4 gals each) of Imidan and Captan. Sure glad that’s done.




Thanks Mrs. G! I’m excited I was able to get all these plums to set. The local orchard said they lost every plum to two cold nights over the spring. I think I am going to can some to save for the winter.

Speaking of canning, last night I was googling a black currant jam recipe and your post on this forum from 2018 came up. I plan on making the jam tonight or tomorrow, depending on the weather.


You will love the jam.:blush:


Are You Kidding Me ???
That just doesn’t sound right. I thought they were those white moths. ?
I’ll have to look that one up. Good Grief.


It’s not the tomato horned worm. It is in the Hawk moth family though. It’s worm eats tree leaves.


Those look great! Good job with the net and the fruit looks nice and clean, no pc bites.