What's Happening Today 2021

Lol… maby that’s it… for us it was too bitter, but maby i didn’t take some of it. I don’t remember how we prepare it. :grin:

Your orchard is looking great Andy! Lots of hard work going into it, for sure.
We look forward to your future success as well!!!


Was forecaster to Frost last night, so I harvested what I had left from apples and pears and others.

Goldrush apples

Korean Giants pears




I grafted some Asian pears this year…… really excited for the future!


These Korean Giants have lived up to the hype. First year I’ve had them. They received a few organic sprays earlier on, but have done nothing to them since. They are super tasty. I put 8 into the fridge to try and save for later. Good luck with your grafts!


Apples can handle temp down to mid 20’s.
There was good discussion here.


It was time to cut down the peppers in my front bed. I harvested way more of these super hot peppers than I can use (will give a bunch to food banks, etc.) and then laid the plants out front to tell people on some local facebook groups to come pick off the rest. With my lower heat tolerance, I really shouldn’t spend time growing them, but they’re so pretty!


I still have some of the ones you gave me. The yellow was to pretty to eat. The red were beyond to hot. I cut them into tiny slivers and put them in chile. There is no way anyone could eat the red ones straight up. They taste similar to habanero.

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Already seeing mites on my houseplants. Sprayed them with some neem oil mix. We’ll see. God i hate those things.

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Planted out 18 more pear from the nursery bed to the orchard today. Only 8 pear left to transplant (those on quince) then on to the next batch of apples, those on P.18 will go in the wet spots and M.106 where it’s not. Then on to G.890, G.210, G.222, M.7 and B.9. Don’t expect to finish this until next spring.


Moved chestnut seedlings to a 1.5 gallon pot, and picked up 4 5-gallon buckets of black walnuts today. Found one green tomato that 5 nights below freezing failed to blacken. And ate the last radish from a tiny raised bed for the season. An for supper, dandelion and mustard greens with pinto beans and cornbread. Yum.


Nice harvest. Don’t throw away pepper’s leaves, they are very nutritional greens. Can be sauteed, or in soups, or fry with eggs…


Never heard of doing this before.

I’ve been weeding the blueberries. Terrific color this year.


It is a very expensive veggie if buy at Asian specialty stores. My Philippine neighbor introduced me making dishes with pepper leaves. I also saw store that sale the leaves fresh around $5 for a small pack.

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Any pepoers? Never heard of this and never known anyone eating them. Interesting.

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Mainorchard, yes that’s quite a sight. I don’t have that kind of luck with my blueberries. This past spring I bought 6 blueberry plants. After reading all the post this spring I bought fertilizers just for them, rainwater, baby the plants. Results: 4 dead ones, one hanging for dear life. The only one that might be ok is a Lagecy from Sam,s club. I am going to try my own different way with the 2 left.

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We had a lite freeze at 30f. I was planning on pulling the pepper plants in the next few days for compost. Instead I’ll try cooking the leaves. Thanks for the tip.


Any pepper plants. The super hot peppers that @zendog grow have very large and thick leaves which is perfect for using as leafy veggie. I didn’t know it can be used in dishes till my neighbor showed me. And I noticed more people are using the pepper leaves later. It is rich in ironic and other miners according to my neighbor.

This is what I found in internet


I’ll have to try this next year. I just grow sweet peppers. Thanks.