What's Happening Today 2021

@ramv,the Sumo’s have arrived at Fred Meyer.


I dragged both my 30 gallon Fukushu kumquat trees outside for spraying down with soap water and oil to kill aphids spider mites and scale.


Costco has Sumos as well. They are very good!

I see Kroger on the oranges…they own Fred Meyers?

Yes and another group in Washington and Oregon called QFC (Quality Food Centers).


wish I could find Pacific Rose apples

None last year, either

You may have to do that every 5 or 6 days for a few weeks for eradication.

Spice Zee nectaplum, Desert Delight nectarine and Tropic Snow peach are all beginning to flower.


Planted this Contorted jujube and an Olympic/Korean Giant pear. Love the look of this jujube. Thorn size is crazy.


I’m jealous you can buy Sumos for that price. They go for $3.99 around where I am. They are definitely one of the better commonly available citrus in my opinion, but more a treat than a regular snack.


That’s a lovely So/Contorted. My So was from Burnridge. The tree has unbalanced growth and has not set any fruit after 4 years (unusual for jujubes.).

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Those mandarins looks like cull sizes, they are usely much bigger. As long as they taste to your liking that’s all that matters.

I took a break from collecting second crop passion fruits as a random cat was raising its kitten behind it. Both the mom and kitties have left now, so I rummaged the bush and collected the fallen fruits. Valencia oranges still going on since summer.


Today I pruned. All of my trees. They will be about four years old or so but on dwarf rootstock. I pruned for ‘shape’ as they are in pots and I can easily control the heights. I will prune a bit more out of the center of the white peach tree. Pruned back the apple espalier. Really do not want it to be much taller than it is.

I will have to check on the apricot tomorrow, the last tree to prune. I hope it is not dead. Every other of the six trees are just fine. I am so looking forward to the blossoms on my terrace this spring. It should be very beautiful, fragrant and fruitful! Almost time to spray copper and oil.


Hi, Where did you get the Contorted jujube. It does look nice.


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Bob Wells nursery.

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This evening I brought all my potted citrus trees to avoid the 17F freeze tonight. My largest is a seed grown Fukushu kumquat in a 30 gallon container.


Do you have a picture of description of the Costco fruit? I assume Sumos is short for satsuma’s, rather than a brand. Is it a particular variety that’s good?

Sumo is a cultivar. Sweet, juicy tender. Better than satsuma. Although satsuma is pretty good too

Sumo is basically the trade name for the Shiranui Dekopon mandarin. The best mandarin in my opinion.
They are all very good. The late season ones get intensely sweet and tart at the same time.
I’ll take photos on my next Costco trip.