What's the verdict on Honeyberries...are they tasty?


Yes, and I didn’t know that, it is very interesting. When i thought about it, they are sweet, they just have a strong taste. I’m a fan of all currants too.
I have to test my blackberries as I seem to get higher brix,


My experience is the same. They don’t like the warm hot summer as @Drew51 said. That my change with newer varieties.


My Blue Jewel grew a lot this summer. I had it in a ‘tree tube’ and branches went kind of crazy, grew 3 feet straight up! I thought it was kind of interesting… Strange my blue moose and blue banana were in the same general area and didnt grow much at all. This soil is fairly well fertilized (organic) and Im guessing they couldnt handle that much nutrients or something, jewel loved it though!




Lots of information I havent seen before regarding Russian varieties…


Thanks for that chart, Derek. I have all the varieties on it, and find all fine for eating straight from the bush. I also have had Berry Blue and Blue Belle for a number of years, but one of the two (not sure which) is very astringent and inedible to me, but I keep them for pollinization. This past spring I planted several other varieties, which have not born fruit yet. My Solo, Maxie, and Sugar Mountain Blue Yezberries have provided a taste, which were also good. They all remind me of a red raspberry/grapefruit cross. Would probably make a tasty drink or sno-cone when I ever get enough of them to try it.


My personal observations so far. My honey berry starter plants did not grow at all in the first year. They did at least grow a nice root ball in the planting bags I had them in. The second spring I got my first actual growth. They plants are in the ground now and I did not see any growth from spring to fall so far. So have 2 theories. 1. Honeyberries only grow in the spring. or 2. Honeyberries do not grow after root disturbances.


mine did the same. they get established the 1st year then start to grow the next. only my aurora showed some growth the 1st year but was minimal.


Group buy opportunity…
Thinking about ordering plants from a Canadian propagator. They have all U of S varieties in stock including the recent releases, Beauty, Beast, and Blizzard. There is a min order $$$ and some hoops to jump through when shipping to US.

Just trying to judge interest, honeyberryusa sells these plants for $19 each. Im thinking $10 each with a 10 plant min order, free shipping CONUS.

They also have Ben Hope black currant if anyone is interested in that.

Right now Im planning to order Ben Hope, Beauty, Beast, Blizzard and Aurora.

Plants are 1 year old, dormant from tissue culture. 6+ inches tall and shipped in 12cm x 12cm pots. These will be shipped early/mid April.

Respond or IM if interested! Want to get things finalized by March 15th if there is enough interest to bother with this.


How did you like the taste of Honey Bee?


My biggest honeyberry bush, honey bee.

Curled leaf tips are common in most of my new plants in containers… not sure what it indicates.


Nice looking honey bee bush! Local grower recommends this variety(among others), probably for vigor and productivity judging from yourmspecimen


Tried some Sugar Mountain Blue today that are pretty good for fresh eating. Aurora and a Cinderella haven’t been bad for fresh eating in the past.

Borealis, Indigo Gem, Honey Sweet, and Tundra would probably be better processed so far. All fairly young pants though… No older than 2015.

Have high hopes for Solo, Maxi, Sugar Pie, and Honeybunch.


I like the uniform growth on your Honey Bee. Do you prune it?


Does anyone have any honeyberries that look horrible in the heat after all of the rains? Most of mine look pretty good but Cinderella looks like it list a branch and Borealis looks like it is dead. See pic.


Nope, took some cuttings early this spring tho.


I believe they go dormant in the summer and look poor until the next season, could that be what’s going on with yours?


I have a honey bee honeyberry too, and it looks almost exactly like the one pictured. It stays in a nice rounded form, and I haven’t pruned it.


I was wondering if that is all that it is. Seems kind of early though. I’m going to leave it to see if it leafs out again. Maybe move it to more shade next year if it does.


That’s cool that it keeps a nice shape. One of my dislikes with honeyberries has been the uneven growth I’m getting.