What's the verdict on Honeyberries...are they tasty?


How long ago did it fruit? (the things that make me curious… :slight_smile: )


Some of them started like Sugar Mountain Blue started turning blue a couple weeks ago. Others are just now starting to turn color. The Borealis didn’t ripen before going South.


Mine are still budded and flowering up here in the North :slight_smile:


In Southern Minnesota the fruit are small and green right about now.


my indigo series and aurora are in full bloom right now. bumbles abound!


I cannot comment on the flavor of fresh honey berries as mine have yet to ripen, but I picked up some haskap jam during a layover at a Japanese airport a couple weeks ago. The taste is of a rather nondescript berry. Maybe a mix of blueberry and blackberry? It’s pretty good, but a lot of things taste good with lots of sugar added.


I tried Blue Sea and Blue Moon, then lost track of which was which, but kept them planted in 3 gallon pots in semi-shade. They grew fairly enough for a time, but then one lost the green growth, and eventually dried up. The other one kept pushing small amounts of green growth, until I killed it by putting it in full sun. On another forum, I was recommended Boreal Blizzard, Solo and Maxie to trial as possible heat-tolerant selections. Are there any other selections that might be worth trialing in a Caribbean backyard?


I would think there would be lots of other more suitable tropical fruits to grow in the Caribbean than honeyberries.


It’s not really about there being something better for the space. I’m fascinated with all fruits, but when I get a fixation on a particular species, I wish to grow it for its own merits, with no mind payed to more “suitable” alternatives. And besides, I’m particularly fond of berries to begin with. The more species I can grow, the better.

Am I likely to fail? Probably. But I’d rather fail firsthand than settle for thinking it will “probably” fail. :grin:


Narita? Where in the airport?


Chipmunks are really going after my honeyberries this year. They’d left them alone the past few years. Guess they’re getting a taste for them.


Yup at Narita. It was a shop in terminal 1, really close to gate 53.


I could make better jam than anything you can buy. I use about 1/2 the sugar. I don’t have enough honeyberries right now, but will in a couple years hopefully.


I’ll look for it if I get a chance. I usually look for Yuzu products.


Picked my first ripe fruits of the season, Indigo Treat. Did not let them hang on the bush for 10 days after coloring, yeah they were tart.


Yes I found Treat tart, and mine just fall off, Berries seem small too. I’ll keep it for pollination.
I saw it listed in the Sweet/tart category. I also have Aurora and when left to hang they were tasty. Mine is loaded to the gills. Seems to produce a lot of berries. Not ripe yet.


I picked a few indigo gem today. They r turning color but not ripe yet. I need too net it soon. B4 the birds find them…


my treat and gem got lots of green berries on them should be ready by the 4th,. around here. aurora has a half doz. also. only 2 yr. in the ground.




Looks like the Boreal series is a good series. Beast is supposed to be sweeter than Blizzard, yet it scored high!