What's the verdict on Honeyberries...are they tasty?


Cool! I have 2 of those. One at least should have fruit this year. (Honey Gin)

I so far am most impressed with Aurora So I ordered the 3 U. of Sas. cultivars Boreal Beast, Beauty, and Blizzard. if you want to trade cuttings down the road, let me know!


They’ll do just fine.


What about Aurora and Honey Bee or Indigo Gem zone 7a? I see some places say the Aurora is fine to zone 9 but I’m skeptical. Especially when HoneyberryUSA tells me hey are good for zones 2-6.


i put in 15 Aurora, beauty, blizzard, and beast last fall. hope for a few berries this summer. i have high hopes for them. well see i guess!


I’m in zone 7b here in NC, thinking about trying a couple of the Yezberries from PW, Sugar Pie and Honey Bunch. A few have suggested they would be better in warmer climates. Since they tolerate some shade, inter-planting under my orchard seems like it would work. Any other suggestions for the warmer zones for best flavor?

Wondering if any of the BU varieties are worth looking at in this area?


I’ve really appreciated all the input on this forum thread. It has been helpful for me trying out some Honeyberries for my first time. I’m in Spokane Washington a 5b/6a area. I ended up getting an Aurora, Indigo Gem, Blizzard, Beast from HoneyberryUSA this year. I wanted to try out and see if early or late varieties do better in my area. All the seedlings appear to be doing well so far. I put them in Part Sun/Shade due to sometimes we hit 100 degree F temps in the summer and it can get dry. I was wondering if anyone recommends pinching off the flowers like with blueberries during their first year to help encourage root growth? It sounds like honeyberries are very hardy plants though and might not need it. Thanks


They are extremely fast growers, even when carrying a crop.


In zone 7 they shut down when it gets hot so not fast growing for me. Maybe some varieties take the heat better.


Probably not because even in zone 6 they tend to go dormant over the summer. I need to put some in the ground from containers. I was thinking of doing it during the summer, but will wait till fall.


Same here, they pretty much quit growing by mid July, but when they do grow, they grow fast.


Ha, your Honeyberry USA order was exactly the same as mine! I’m also growing honeyberries for the first time this year, also in 5b/6a - but in Massachusetts.
They’re in the ground and leafing out nicely.

I’m debating adding a Boreal Beauty later to hit the second half of Beast’s bloom time, but I’ll wait and see when they actually bloom here first, since the timing may be a little different from what they found in Saskatchewan.


Thanks for the tip!


Nice, I’ll have to stay in touch with you and compare notes. It will be like having a PenPal on the other side of the States. If things go well with these I was thinking maybe throwing a strawberry sensation in with the patch next year.


So my Indigo Gem, Aurora and Blizzard bloomed around the same time and I’m seeing fruit starting on the Gem and Aurora. I think the Blizzard will soon start some fruit production as well because it has just finished its bloom and was slightly behind the Gem and Aurora. Oddly, my Beast hasn’t bloomed at all yet, even though it seems to be growing really well. I originally got the Beast to cross pollinate with the Blizzard but seems like the Gem and Aurora might be my cross pollinators in my climate zone. All the plants are in part shade but the Beast is slightly more in the sun. How are your plants doing over there in Massachusetts? I’m curious if you Beast has bloomed yet?


My Aurora and Blizzard are blooming together. They started about two weeks ago, and both are beginning to make little fruits now, but Blizzard has more flower buds left to open and Aurora’s almost done. Beast is starting to bloom now, too, and already has one or two tiny fruits forming. It’s definitely behind the others, but it should catch the last bit of Blizzard’s bloom.

I don’t think my Gem’s going to bloom this year. It’s the littlest of the bunch, and it looks healthy but doesn’t have flower buds. Maybe my Gem and your Beast just need more time to grow. Here’s hoping they bloom next year!

All of them are in partial shade and wet loamy soil. We’ve had a rainy spring, which they seem to be enjoying.

Best wishes!


my aurora , indigo gem/ treat have leafed out here in n. maine but haven’t flowered yet.


I have several honeyberry plants. To me they taste like tart grapes. Birds love them and mine are not heavy producers.


That is how I would describe some gooseberries, but not honeyberries. I love the deep color, so far for me the U. of Sas. cultivars taste best to me. I may change my mind…
Looking forward to future cultivars.
Mine are loaded again this year, love it!


Mine are just starting to form and the blossoms are falling. One of my seven bushes has a berry thats already turning purple. I live in central ohio.


I’m not sure I agree about the flavor, but our robins agree with your birds.