What's the verdict on Honeyberries...are they tasty?


I’m just a home grower, I have some from each supplier. Good to get more info on the BU cultivars. Taste is everything, as I don’t need super producers. The Boreal series are what I bought this year. I’m done, and have enough for my family. I will consider adding more if something interesting comes along. I’m now fairly set with the fruit I wish to grow.


Can’t give you dormant wood, it’s patented sorry (I try to maintain legality here lol). I have blue cloud, blue bunny, strawberry sensation and blue whale. I like all of those except blue bunny because it gets a bitter aftertaste. I’m sure it would cook out and that one is intended for jams, jellies, and wine more so. I love Strawberry Sensation due to its lingering alpine strawberry flavor. Blindfolded I would certainly question if it was a strawberry if it wasn’t for the blueberry like flesh. I’ll admit they certainly have good PR and market like crazy, but I’ll stand by BU’s words. They are excellent and heavy producers.


Thats interesting because I have never been able to find any patent information for BU varieties. I think they are trademarked but the only honeyberry/haskap Ive found patent information for is Maxines productions. Can you point me in the right direction to that, I wouldnt want to break any laws either! Admittedly I havent searched patent info for BU varieties recently, Ill have to try again maybe…


Just did a new search, still didnt find anything, maybe Im using the wrong search words? I did try searching with the word berry and the variety names you listed and didnt get anything that way either. One thing I have found is some breeders might claim their plants are patented when in reality they arent. I think they dont want to spend 20k+ on the patent and theres no penalty for lying. Guess most people dont actually follow up on patent claims.


It’s most likely somewhere obscure on the internet. Just from personal communication/my own research, as far as I’m aware BU has PPAF on most of their varieties. I tend to stay on the safe end and shy away from selling/distributing anything patented or in the process of being patented. As you’ve encountered Dr. Maxine’s are definitely off-limits in terms of propagation. Silliest part is all are easily propagated from multiple different techniques. I.E. I accidentally hit one with my mower that gave rise to new plants from the choppings. Honeyberries are very very VERY hardy plants.


Definitely good to be safe I suppose, I do have a couple of BU varieties but they were shipped very small and havent grown much yet. I have Moose and happy giant and jewel if I remember correctly. Are you familiar with those?


I’m familiar with Moose and Happy Giant. Happy Giant is in the same lineage as blue cloud, blue bunny, blue treasure group. I actually have it on my wish list along with Giant’s Heart. They are earlier “experimental plants” from his wife’s program. Her breeding program cranks out new varietals constantly, but I’ll say Strawberry Sensation is a real winner IMHO. Been the best from BU I’ve tried thus far.


What’s a good companion variety for Aurora that produces heavily? Bonus points if it ripens earlier or later than Aurora.

Alternatively, what’s a good variety pair for someone just starting to grow honeyberries but is limited on space so productivity is important.



Id match aurora with honey bee, its productive but berries are tarter.


where did you get your strawberry S from? i looked on the BU site and it appears to not be available… Anyone else have this variety?


They came directly from BU, however it’s a wholesale variety. Hence why I said the non propagation stuff earlier. But I think they do small enough orders for a homegrower to snatch up a few. No one else will have that variety however.


Honey bee is the universal pollinator for that series as much as I hate even using the word. Same with “Cinderella”. I highly recommend looking up Love Honeyberry. Logie is another world authority, has an excellent book and quite a bit of info on his website as well.


If space is limited look at Dr. Maxine’s yezberries, in particular the two dwarf ones Sugar Pie and Honeybunch (not Solo and Maxie). Put two of those next to each other and you’ll be golden.


The names are unfortunately written in polish, not in English or translit,
Sinoglaska is actially Sineglaska = Синеглазка
Czulymskaja is better written Chulymskaja = Чулымская
Altaj = Алтай ( some sort of Altaj, Barnaul bred variety, not sure were the plant breeding institution with it’s headquarters in Barnaul actually does honeyberry breeding)
Gordost Bakczara better written Gordost Bakchara = Гордость Бакчара
Jugana = Югана
Krupnoplodnaja = Крупноплодная
Leningradzkij Welikan should be Leningradskij Velikan = Ленинградский Великан
Nimfa = Нимфа (bred near Leningrad or Moscow)
Silginka = Сильгинка
Siniczka should be Sinichka = Синичка
Strezewczanka should be Strezhevchanka = Стрежевчанка
Tomiczka should be Tomichka = Томичка
Vostorg = Восторг
( Woloszebnica = Volshebnitsa ? if so = Волшебница )
Here is the description of the Bakchar (plant breeding station) bred varieties:
And of the newer selections:


Q for those growing in warmish zones:

Would the early ones like U of S Aurora and Indigo series be okay for the edge of Zone 5/6 (Massachusetts), or am I too warm here for them? I’m looking for fruit as early in the season as possible, and those had been recommended to me, but I didn’t know if they’d do well here or if I should go with later season ones instead. I’m hoping for heavy and reliable production, preferably early, and I’m not particular about flavor as long as they don’t taste like poison.



I Have those growing fine here. I am in the same zone. They grow just like the honeysuckles.


got some new bushes from berries unlimited yesterday. I’m a little wary of this brand from past experience, but giving them another shot. ordered 1 gallon bushes and while these aren’t really small, the pots were significantly smaller than 1 gallon and several were barely half full of soil. i guess I’m a little unimpressed.


Please keep us posted on the quality of fruit when they finally produce. There are a couple on your list that I’ve been eyeing.


How much were they charging?


i paid 150 for 9 plants shipped…