What's the verdict on Honeyberries...are they tasty?


Blizzard is OK. If it turns blue, it can be consumed. It has a gentle taste, but it quickly softens - overrides.



Shelf life as a home gardener is not a concern. Since these berries are denser with few air pockets like other berries. Maybe why it softens quickly? I like them when they reach that stage. They should be longer than 3.5 cm and weigh over 3 grams.
Their is a private breeding program in the USA and they have been putting out cultivars like crazy too. I picked up a couple but have not compared them yet. Some are just renamed Russian varieties, or appear to be so. Not sure about that? I think so because they all of a sudden had dozens and dozens of varieties.

On Blizzard to me your berries look small
Here is a photo of Blizzard from a Canadian nursery


Hey Viktor, you seem to have a lot of experience with honeyberries. Have you exported fruit before?


What you have in your hand is not Blizzard. If Blizzard matures, it gets bigger. But it is soft inside as if it had an air bubble and there is a problem with both collection and handling. It has such a diamond shape.

Something similar to some large Russian varieties like Bakcarsky Velikan. They are as large as 3.5 - 4 cm, but have a cavity at the end of the fetus. In rainy weather there is mold.


The breeder said it should weigh over 3 grams and be 3.5 cm long. So that picture looks right to me.

No it has no air bubbles. Why it should weigh over 3 grams. It’s all meat.


Here is what the breeder, The University of Sask. Says about Blizzard

Ancestry: 50% Japanese, 50% Russian
Bloom Time Category: Late. Peak bloom is 4 to 7 days after Tundra/Indigo series
We categorize haskap bloom into 4 categories early, mid, late and very late. The late
category is similar to many Japanese selections but there are many Japanese
selections that bloom later.
Harvest Season: Coincides with strawberry season. At Saskatoon in 2014 fruits were
good the 1
st 3 weeks of July then began dropping. Ripening started 7 days after
Tundra & Indigos and 14 days after most Russian varieties in our collection.
Fruit Weight: 2.8 grams avg., 3.9 grams max
Fruit Shape: ‘Surfboard’= Rounded narrower ends, wide centre, a bit flattened
Fruit Firmness: Good Flavour: Excellent
Sugars: 13.3 Brix pH: 3.3 Total Acidity: 1.08% Malic Equivalent
Bush Habit and Vigour: Upright and strong grower. The original seedling was 50%
taller than ‘Indigo Gem’ planted at the same time, same field
Mildew and Sunscald Resistance: Excellent
Productivity: Heavy


I always plant the plant in my own compost. Shallow spice and I never dig it. They like the manure in the fall. Mineral fertilizer NPK for snow - January - February. I always mulch and young plants grow very well when the root system is covered with a non-woven fabric. If it is already a large shrub itself, it protects the root system from over-drying. They like a lot of sun and protect them against strong winds. They do not like to have soaked soil - standing water. In spring they need a lot of water.

Quickly take root with green cuttings as soon as possible. Success is very high even without a stimulator - over 90%. Certain principles must be followed. Later, if gradually woody lose this ability. Branches cut the vertical branches always and 1-2 weeks after flowering. It can be cut until the twig bursts in the bend.

About reproduction, how to reproduce them quickly and I write my favorite cultivars.

In old shrubs, the periphery of the shrub is gradually thickened and bare inside. The fruits are only on the periphery of the bush. I cut the bush in autumn at 20cm from the soil. During the season new branches will grow around 1m. Then there are big fruits and not just on the edge of the bush.


Thanks for the info Victor! My plants were rescues and I did not feed them the first couple of years so they have very tight, barren centres. I’ve been afraid to prune the centres but may try it this spring.

I froze a good part of our '19 harvest and have been using them in smoothies recently. I can see why this is expected to be one of their main NA markets.
They blend really easily and well, with none of the tough chunks you can get with blueberries. The flavour is great and while a bit tart, it’s not hard to balance the mix. The colour is rich and pretty as well. I’ve been throwing in a (very) few sea buckthorn berries* as well. A great combo! They are so good we may end up eating them all this way rather than baking.

*the local berry farm, down the road, put a number in a few years ago so I got some to try. Now I’m really glad I didn’t plant any! They may be incredibly nutritious but harvesting is a pain and the flavour is…intense.


Your shape is different. But maybe it just distorts the shape on your hand. Now I noticed. It’s probably Blizzard too. In the middle should be extended and at the ends pointed. Some fruits may have an altered shape, but the standard Bizzard shape would prevail. Do you still have a picture of the fruits?

Blizzard is very tasty, but must be collected sooner, because it quickly softens. He clings to the shrub and when I tried to tear by hand, I had a problem because he was already very soft.


Here is the link: http://www.kusibab-wyka.pl/oferta.php?rid=10


maybe amount of water/ fertilizer received affects the fruit size and weight or regional growing differences between canada and slovakia?


Consent. I guess I didn’t see this shape on your hand. Then it’s Blizzard.


I probably will grow out seed myself and try to make my own cultivars. I have with raspberries and pluots. With peaches too, but lost them. I’m going to try again in a couple years.

I look forward to other cultivars coming forward over here.
I’m trying Blue Banana and Honey Gin, But to tell the truth Aurora has the flavor I’m looking for and the best chance for more like Aurora is using it in crosses and see what happens?

This is a good chart one the Boreal series.


My Bizzard gradually grew to about 3cm. Sometimes it happens that the shape of some fruits is a bit variable and depends on pollination. But the standard should prevail.

We talked a lot about it in our fore and there is evidence. Different shapes on the same bush



At home we have one freezing box Honeyberries and buckthorn berries in different forms of processing. The fresh, fresh taste of honeyberries is unreal. The aroma is most apparent when mixed with sugar or smokie. Then everyone licks. I have small varieties that have a faint mustard in the background but have the aroma of wild strawberries. They are the most delicious in winter. Everybody here turns their eyes out of the taste, and everyone wants it now.

I also made wine and it is amazing. Even when I was doing it, it had a wonderful wine aroma.


someday, when i get enough berries, i will make some wine from them.


I have about 200 shrubs. Some come and collect as much as they want. Many already have bushes in their gardens and these fruits are increasingly in demand.

Not all bushes bear fruit. Some have been cut, some liquidated and replaced by others, some are still small. Around 40 pieces of Aurora are ready for planting 2020.


Of the three Aurora plants I’m in
2019 rooted 40 pieces + Honeybee. I just fired a few pieces.
Aurora is also good at this. In this way it is possible to very quickly make own planting of the proven varieties.


i think what is considered desirable in Russia and surrounding areas is different from what ive been reading than what is considered desirable in n America. they seem to lean towards what id consider preserving/canning or cooking varieties where we breed more for fresh eating / sweet types. correct me if I’m wrong.

i brought several plants into my grow area today, hope to have berries by March or so. varieties are honey beast, blue banana, blue drops, strawberry sensation, blue treasure, honey beast, and beauty… might try to do some selective crosses also.


i wonder if you would get a second crop if you put them back outside after they fruited?


Might get a few random flowers later in the season, but Im sure no real crop. Im mostly doing this to get some rooting material earlier in the year and possibly to do some selected crosses for seedling. Im thinking maybe strawberry x beauty and banana x beauty and maybe honey bee x treasure