What's the verdict on Honeyberries...are they tasty?


Okay, I’m calling on Monday. They don’t answer on the weekends.

Thank you very much, Derek.





That’s good to know. I’m going to quiz whoever answers the phone on Monday for my tailored liking.

I probably could’ve checked my cart out, huh?

Thanks for that Drew.



If you call they will sell any not listed in the retail section. I bought two only, both now listed in retail, but 2 years ago they were not. They sold me two plants only from the wholesale section. Giant Heart is one I want to try. I may add it next year if Blue Banana and Honey Gin are decent.


Appreciate that important tidbit. I’m looking for anything Viktor recommended. ‘Amur’ is one and ‘Leningrad …’ is another.

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When they start flowering, it’s a buzz. I sit down and watch a lot of bees, bumble bees, wild bees flying from flower to flower. it’s beautiful.

Add sound!


Excellent! I can taste the fruit almost, and the honey too…(I wonder if Honeyberry Honey is “water white” like the honey from the invasive honeysuckle bushes in N.America.) And I “hear” the eggs and meat in the background!


I don’t have bees. When I watch, they collect pollen. Bumblebee and solitary bees have a proboscis for it. I don’t know if the bees get to the nectar.

Bumblebee is a maniac into these flowers. In the morning the frost is still weak and the sun shines, I can see it flying from flower to flower. It rains lightly, I see him flying from flower to flower.


We get tons of bumbles on ours too. It seems a bit early for the domestic honeybees here. I don’t see them around until the dandelions are out. It is also, often, clearly the bumble queens so I’m glad to give them an early food source.


We have 2 plants here. Aurora and Borealis. Only had a few berries from each, but they were pretty good. The birds liked them more and ate most of them. Very easy to grow and other than watering as well as a thick layer of mulch not much else was done to it. Seems to be doing fine. Survived our coldest day of -25F.

I bought mine from Honeyberryusa. He has a pretty decent selection of them although a little on the pricey side.


yep! id say 90% of our pollinators up here are bumbles and the rest are orchard bees/ hoverflies etc… I’ve never seen a honeybee on any of my flowers here. its so cold , there just aren’t many that raise them. they are a lot of work to keep them alive with little return. we only have a 60 day growing season. the rest of the time they need to be fed to make it to the next spring.


I noticed that the bees are a lot after the rain when the warm sun shines and there are many bushes next to each other. There’s not that much with a lone shrub.
Bumblebee is the best worker. He doesn’t mind the colder weather or the slight drizzle and flies from flower to flower from morning to evening.

The leaves are water-repellent and form droplets that shine like diamonds. I often see the bees sit down and drink drops of water comfortably.


It is a very healthy fruit. It overcomes many kinds of small fruits. Early varieties are the first fruit in the garden and in front of strawberries. It tastes very good for children.

Here are antioxidant comparison tables and other nutritional values:



Thanks, Viktor, for the link…most informative presentation.

Anyone wanting to try haskap/honeyberry (edible honeysuckle) should take the time to study that connection.


I need Stuewe containers. I won’t be calling Berries Unlimited this-year. Thank you all & thank you Viktor for your suggestions, very-much.



BU honey beast first to flower, 10 days ago it was frozen!


Personally, I would never consider buying from HoneyberryUSA. Here’s what their website says about propagation:

“Any propagation of the plants purchased from HoneyberryUSA is strictly prohibited without a license agreement. The Purchaser agrees to fully comply with this condition when purchasing plants.”

I can’t support any company that would try to compel customers not to propagate plants that are not legally protected under a patent.


owners are good people, never noticed that disclaimer tho, seems a bit unnecessary i guess, resellers aren’t responsible for patent enforcement or whatever, the holders would be. a message saying something like propagation of patented plants is illegal would b plenty…


Nothing personal against the owners, but the disclaimer, as worded, means that I am agreeing not to propagate ANY plants that they sell to me, regardless of if it is under a patent or not. Now, if that is not the message that they want to convey, the wording needs to be changed. Until it is clarified, in writing, on their site, I wouldn’t be able to consider buying from them and I will continue to warn others who are considering buying from them.


Its probably just a generic T&C that covers them for the liability of selling patented / trademarked varieties.

Actually enforcing those terms on the scale home orchards might propagate them would be extremely difficult if not impossible.