What's the verdict on Honeyberries...are they tasty?


mine did that when young. as long as the bloom the same time they should eventually set fruit.


I planted Blue Moon and Blue Velvet back in 2012 and they had half a dozen in 2013 and the number fruits grew each season. I’ve sold some. Don’t have those varieties anymore, and I think I lost Blue Pagoda to drought.
Currently have small Borealis and another variety in a one gallon that I bought 15 months ago in a 4 inch pot…so no fruits this summer for me to sample.


I don’t recall off hand, I’ll check to see if I have tags at their base. They were from Burpee, but my prior orders on their website don’t go back far enough. Edit: found the tags, varieties are Berry Blue and Borealis. Blue Berry is taller and more upright, Borealis is shorter and wider.


That sounds like a correct description of the plant characteristics based on what I’ve seen. I’m at a loss as to why you are not seeing any berries.


You get bloom but no fruit? Do you see bees visiting? maybe those varieties are too closely related?


Yes, a lot of blooms. I don’t think there is a comparability problem re: pollination, but I do question how many pollinators/bees I have when they do bloom, it’s pretty early for our Z4a. I’ll let them be and see… (protective fencing in the rear of the photo is 5’ tall).


Next blooms you see, maybe try pollinating some yourself with a cotton swab or small paint brush.


HoneyberryUSA has a pollination chart on their site that says what berries pollinate the others. id check to see if they’re comparable. aurora is somewhat self fertile and its so far the biggest best tasting berry out of my 5.


i checked their website. berry blue is a early bloomer. borealis is a mid bloomer but its says the mids catch 90-95% of the early bloom except in varieties that have a short bloom period. maybe borealis is one of those? adding a aurora to your collection would fix that for you. its a mid as well.


Aurora is a must. I’m air layering a second plant. My Aurora is going on three weeks with blue berries. I’m letting it go a week or so more.


That’ll work! I may move them to the nursery bed with the blue berries.


I have berry blue, borealis and tundra producing, they pollinate eachother, bumblebees and humming birds are the main pollinizers so i would look out for them. I planted some aurora this year as well will see how they do.


how much direct sun do they get each day?


6-7 hours.


that could b an issue i think. are they blooming well?


Yes, both were loaded with blooms this spring, and at the same time.