Whats wrong with my plum tree?

This is a 3 year old superior plum. Last year it produced a few fruit and it had a ton of flowers this year but its not happy. Seems to be spreading. What should I do to treat, do infected branches need to be removed? Its not a large tree so cutting off branches would kinda suck. It has been unusually hot and dry here if that matters.

Could you please take the picture of the whole tree? For some experienced growers, seeing the whole tree and where it’s planted could give them clues.

I do not like it whenever I see leaves wilt en masse like that. It reminded me of verticillium wilt. Hopefully, not.

You are in zone 3. Superior only is hardy to zone 4. It’d be winter injury or a root issue, Have you spray it with anything? Those are a few issues I could think of from your pic…

I havent sprayed it with anything but some malathion, There is only one main branch thats like this out of the 3-4 on the tree. It is planted in full sun and it leafed out and flowered fine on the whole tree. Just after petal drop I noticed the leaves start to curl up. Ill grab a pic tonight or tomorrow and post it from a couple different angles. Thanks for responding.

What was the weather during bloom?

Weather was nice during bloom but cooled significantly for a week or so right after petals dropped, no hard freezes but a few light frosts. Here are some more pics.

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That looks like possible crown rot. Google it and see, if it matches
your tree.

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