What's wrong with my young Nectarine tree?

Please see photo.

Leaves have yellowish/pale green blotches on them.

Doesn’t appear to be any insect issues, has been regularly watered, also applied a fungicide twice.

Could it be a nutrient deficiency?

Edit - I only applied the fungicide (and also an insecticide) after noticing the pale green blotches.


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It looks pretty normal to me. The new leaves are normally a light yellowish green as they expand. Then turn dark green if they have adequate nitrogen.

Good luck with your trees…!!


Thanks! Learned something new.

(Now I feel like I was being unnecessarily paranoid, haha.)

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Well it is a bit odd to be that splotchy. It might have taken some damage from an herbicide or something. But if it did it should grow out of it, it generally looks healthy.

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