What's wrong with this mandarin tree?

I bought this gold nugget mandarin tree 2 months ago and put this in the yard. It has not grown at all in the last 2 months. Also, the leaves are a bit wilted upwards. I don’t see any pests on the leaves.
It’s in a sunny location and gets 8 hrs of sunlight. Checked water with moisture meter and seems OK too.

I understand that mandarins are in general slow growing. My Satsuma mandarin is shooting new leaves and flowers. But I’m not sure what’s wrong with this gold nugget. Is it still in transplant shock? Could this be a root circling issue? Any thoughts?

Mine has looked similar… I believe it might just be the variety. I also noticed similar in this blog (not mine):

Thanks SP. The leaves look similar, and may not be the issue. One of the comments in that blog post says that their tree didn’t grow for a year, and it may be because of circling roots. I’m wondering whether mine has similar issue. But it’s still early. I’ll check back here again in the summer.