What's wrong with this raspberry?

This is the only plant in my patch that has these leaves. Not all the leaves on the plant are variegated. Is this common?

No it’s not common. It is a mutation probably, a sport, a variegated sport. I would try and propagate it. I have seen others, although quite different. With variegated edges.

Could be a mosaic virus.

If leaves remain healthy and don’t curl, crinkle or die, it’s not the virus.They look really healthy! Patent that sucker!


It is beautiful. I agree with Drew that you should try to propigate it.

Looks like some kind of chlorosis thing going on.

So far the leaves look fantastic…just variegated. Propagate? Tip rooting?

I’m really a newbie… Haven’t done much of anything except veggie gardening so you guys need to tell me how to do these things!:flushed::wink:

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usually one takes suckers. But this is an unusual case. You can root cuttings. It’s really up to you have far you want to take it. Not a big deal if you don’t propagate. I know many would like to check it out,
Some questions, is the variegation all the way to the ground? Take some more photos. It might sucker itself, it may not?
Their is a number of ways to root cuttings. If you really want to propagate, we can make suggestions. We would need to see more photos, is the stem variegated? Sometimes these revert back and are no good for propagation. You need a stable variegation for best propagation.

I’ll have to get some more pics but I’m pretty sure the variegation goes all the way to the ground…the whole cane, although a few of the leaves are solid green. I just wonder what the fruit will be like. Last year was my first year for raspberries and I’m in Texas so it’s not an ideal situation. We have to shade them in summer. They did produce berries last year in September-ish. I’ve been watching this cane thinking it was diseased but it looks healthy. It’s a curiosity and I’m wondering about what the berries will be like. Right at this time I think I’ll just watch it. If it continues to grow it would be interesting to see if it would be variegated in propagation. It’s so small now that an amateur messing with it would probably kill it!:flushed:

The cane is not variegated. Just the leaves. The little lateral forming at the base is white.

I agree with the others. The plant in general looks healthy, so you’ve probably got a fortuitous mutation.

I’d clear a little space around it to make sure it gets plenty of sun (variegation looks pretty, but all those white parts are areas of leaf without chlorophyll).

Once it’s bigger, you can propagate it safely through layering (touch one of the stems to the ground and put some dirt over it). Raspberries layer quite readily.

After you’ve cloned enough, name the variety after yourself and you’re all set.


Hi k8tpayaso! Did you ever figure out what was going on with this plant? I just found one in my raspberry patch that looks exactly like this and your photo is the only one I can find on the internet that looks like the same thing I’ve got going on. Thanks!

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No, I did not remove it from the patch and it died off. I’m not sure if it just died off or was crowded out. I haven’t seen anymore of that phenomenon. It is pretty, isn’t it?

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I am new here. I found the same variegated red raspberry in my patch this month. Has anyone been successful with propagation or getting fruit from this variation yet?

Thanks Martin