When do we start? Who's in?

I’m going to make this my only forum for fruit growing. Why bother with Houzz?

Did milehighgirl come over? I hope she does.

I’ve got milehigh and Michael357 email addresses, I’ll try to shoot them an email today.

I just emailed milehigh this morning.



I’m more of a reader with occasional questions, but I appreciate you guys setting this up. Very nice layout! I’ll be following. If any of you grow figs there is a new forum as well. www.ourfigs.com


Well, hi, folks! Scott just let me know about his forum, and I’ve joined up. Having an @aol.com email (yes, yes, I know), I won’t be getting email notifications, so if I don’t respond quickly to something, just know I have to come in and manually check any message threads, but very glad to be here, thanks, Scott, for setting up the forum. Have been rather distracted this last year, as we have wedding in the works this year (youngest daughter). So, I’ll probably be spotty.

Patty S.

Glad you came Patty.

Patty, it’s great to have you here.

You can always open an account with gmail or another improvement over AOL. I doubt you will regret it.

Thanks Jeff & Alan. I’ve had this email address for so long (literally, since the beginning of AOL and about the beginning of the Internet, lol), that I hesitate changing it. It would be so difficult. Maybe one of these days when I have a lot of time on my hands, and can notify everything and everyone, I will consider it.

Patty S.

You don’t have to notify everyone- at least not all at once. Just run with two for a while. Most of us started with AOL and gradually weened ourselves from it. Of course, it’s been so long since I’ve had it I don’t know if it has upgraded to a higher standard or not, but my son assures me it is certainly not considered a cool site. Not that I will ever be cool again, regardless.

With Gmail you can set it up that it goes out to AOL and downloads all emails from AOL to Gmail (or from whatever other service) and then you can respond to AOL emails from Gmail.


Thanks Scott. I am Olympian_gardener from GW. I have learned a lot from many familar names here. I follow the experts migrated here. :smiley:

Welcome Olympian.


I like to read the posts and different ideas of all. I learned to graft many years ago from the posts of Joe Real on the GW. Even though I am a commercial wild blueberry grower, tree fruit and gardening are my hobbies. I would also participate in a gardening forum if the site manager wants to add a very related forum. Many years of reading posts on the GW from the other members. This forum is looking good already!

Good to see you here Bberry!